The best *and easiest* DIP!

Jimmy Dean Dip. The easiest dip to make and is always a hit at any holiday party, NYE party, Super Bowl party... you name it, it'll be even at that party, promise! 😉 This dip is NOT gluten-free, paleo, whole-30 approved... none of that, so if you're looking for something like that, you won't find … Continue reading The best *and easiest* DIP!


2nd Trimester Round Up!

Good morning! We had our 28 week appointment earlier today, and baby boy's heartbeat was right in the 150's like usual & measuring right on track! The 28 week appointment is also the lovely glucose test appointment, and the "orange drink" was clear this time around and really didn't taste bad at all! While I … Continue reading 2nd Trimester Round Up!

🌿 New Mommy Giveaway ðŸŒ¿

🌿 GIVEAWAY TIME 🌿  I have teamed up with 8 amazing mamas to give one New Mommy some of our favorite items!!! ▪️Winner will receive: DockATot Grand, Solly Baby Wrap, Eggie-bb Teether, Jellycat stuffed bunny, Ryan & Rose paci clip, Ollie Baby swaddle, and Gathre changing mat 💕 ▪️The giveaway is simple ▪️ head over … Continue reading 🌿 New Mommy Giveaway ðŸŒ¿