Happy Wednesday!

The other weekend I was down in the cities, I had the chance to sneak away for a little pampering at Woodhouse Day Spa in Woodbury! I am excited to share about my experience I had while I was there, the services I received, and my overall thoughts on this spa in the Twin Cities!

A little background- Woodhouse Day Spas are located in several places around the country, and in Minnesota there are two locations just outside the Twin Cities. One is in Maple Grove, and the other in Woodbury!

Before moving up north, I had the chance to go to the Maple Grove location with my mom for her birthday, and it was by far the nicest spa I had ever been to! It really is an experience when you come to Woodhouse. They make you feel so special in so many ways, and really love a detail, which I love. My visit to Woodhouse at the Woodbury location was NO different!

At Woodhouse, I received the Spa Classics package. This is such a great package to get if you are looking for an all-around spa experience. The Spa Classics starts off with a relaxing, therapeutic Swedish Massage that is 50 minutes long.  Next, you enjoy an Organic Discovery Facial that cleanses and conditions your skin that is 50 minutes long.  You end with a warm Agave Nectar Pedicure thats about 50 minutes long. I ended up doing a warm agave manicure, instead of the pedicure, but their pedicures are very popular as a single spa service and within the space packages, which is why many of the packages include the pedicures they have to offer.

Every part of this package was so relaxing and would make SUCH a nice gift to anyone for Christmas, upcoming birthdays, or even thinking for next spring for a mother’s day gift idea!

As I mentioned before, visiting Woodhouse Day Spa is truly an experience. When you come in, you feel so welcomed by their gorgeous front desk + retail space, and little welcome signs with your name on them! After you get checked in, you are escorted to their gorgeous lounge. Prior to your appointment, they take your shoe and robe size, so when you come into the lounge you again feel very welcomed by the staff with a locker just for you with your sandals and robes waiting for you on a locker with your name written on it! The lounge is a beautiful space that starts to get you relaxed and ready for your spa and a space you can come to after your time at the spa is over to shower in their amazing full-size shower and get ready for the day at their large (and gorgeous!) vanity.

Your “homebase” as I like to call it before, after, and in between your services if you’re getting more than one done at Woodhouse is in their quiet room. You are personally escorted to the quiet room after you have gotten into your robe and sandals in the women’s lounge, and escorted back to the quiet room after your services are done by your esthetician or whomever you are getting your services done by!

It is a beautiful, obviously quiet, and calming space. They love for you to be about 30 minutes early to your appointment, so that you have plenty of time to really get relaxed for your spa treatment. This space has a cozy fire, comfortable seating, magazines and books to read, and plenty of snacks and different types of waters to have while you are waiting. They also have coffee or tea if you’d prefer a warm drink. I believe she even offered be apple cider too, for a fun fall warm drink! 🙂 You also receive a warm neck pillow to wrap gently around your neck while you wait for your services to begin. Before your service, they also have you fill out a short form while you’re waiting in the quiet room that allows you to specify what type of service you are looking to get. Especially for massages! You can check off the type you are wanting, otherwise if you are receiving a package like myself, they have different types of massages, facials, and pedicures already noted! You do have the option to personalize these services though, which is a very nice detail they thought of!

Every service I received was so, so relaxing! All of the women who did my services were super personable, definitely wanted you to feel relaxed and made sure to check in with you throughout the service to make sure you are getting what you want out of your service! I am a chatterbox, so often times I find myself chatting away with whomever is giving my service. I know some of you are thinking, you’re crazy, I fall asleep during mine, which is totally fine too! 🙂

One of my favorite parts of my three services was the warm agave nectar manicure. Like I mentioned, for the spa classics this is typically a pedicure, and pedicures are very popular at Woodhouse! They have so many different types of pedicures also, but this warm agave nectar felt so good before getting my manicure and made my arms and hands feel buttery soft! They paint the warm agave on to your forearms and hands, place it in a bag with paraffin, and that sets for 5-10 minutes in warm mits (like an oven mit!) during that time. It is so wonderful! Like I said, the nicest spa I have been to! Their manicure and pedicure room is also gorgeous and have the most comfortable massaging chairs for you while you are getting your service done! I was asked what type of manicure I received, and I got their gel manicure and picked out this gorgeous dark brown color called arrowwood for fall!

They have lots of different packages to choose from on their website, and they usually have some great specials happening throughout the holidays! They do have some fall specials happening now, but I am guessing next month they will have some great packages you can buy for loved ones as a nice Christmas gift! Online you have the option to purchase a gift card (making it so easy to get your gifts for those you love!), and if you have an account set up, you can also check your balance on gift cards if you receive them, how cool is that!?

I highly recommend Woodhouse Day Spa! Both experiences at their Maple Grove and Woodbury were wonderful! If you are in the Twin Cities, this is by far my favorite spa I’ve been to, and I think you and your mom, sisters, friends, mother-in-law, and even your spouse would love this place too! I hope you book yourself and your loved ones appointments at Woodhouse in the future, so you can experience this relaxing spa for yourself!

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with love,

from courtney


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