FALL HOME DECOR TOUR – A simplified and minimal approach to decorating for fall!

Good morning!

We had been enjoying the beautiful fall weather we’ve had earlier this week, but it got COLD today with signs of snow in our near future, so we are spending our day inside enjoying the fall decor and fall recipes we’ll be making today!

Sharing our easy home update for fall below – and not only was this an easy home decor update, but it was very budget-friendly. I shared in my stories last Friday when I was working on the finishing touches for fall that I try to decorate for fall in a way that easily transitions into thanksgiving. I am also not a super big fan of all the Halloween decor (nor is Collins!) πŸ˜‰ so I don’t really do any Halloween heavy decor, it’s just not me! I’m totally drawn to the muted colored pumpkins, white pumpkins, and touches of greenery mixed in to even out the rusts and oranges and yellows! Also something I shared- I love decorating for Christmas, and I definitely spend more time prepping the home for that holiday and season, so another reason I like to decorate minimally for fall is because of that! I know I will decorate bigger and spend more time for the next season and holiday, so I want clean up to be quick and easy before I start pulling out all my Christmas decor!

So- lets go on a little tour of how we decorated for fall around the valley view farmhouse before the snow flies later on… I’ll be enjoying this just as much as I hope you all will lol πŸ™‚

Welcome! This fall I actually did less than what I had envisioned for the porch, but I love the simplicity of the white mums and pumpkins! I was going to get some kale- I love the look of those in the fall, but when I went out to get mums all the places I went to didn’t have any, then I forgot about it, so there you have it! πŸ™‚ I’m hoping next spring we plant our own kale that I can pull at the end of the season to decorate our planters with, that would be awesome!

As I said earlier, I was very drawn to all the muted colors for fall, and the pops of sage green, so that’s how I envisioned the porch pumpkins looking. Of course I love white, if you couldn’t tell ;), and so I was on the hunt for all white mums and some white pumpkins to mix in! I did want to add a little contrast to the mix though, so I snagged these rust and yellow mums and made sure to get a few more red colored pumpkins- that’s what the farmer who I picked these up from called the more vibrant orange ones– red! So now I feel very technical with my pumpkin color picking abilities for next year. πŸ™‚

The planters for the white mums are from the Walmart clearance section- I waited all summer for them in hopes they would still be around at the end of the season, and when August rolled around, there they were right in my Walmart’s clearance section. I snagged them for the porch and the white mums fit perfect in them!

I put the larger mixed colored mums into our cedar planters made by Trenton who owns woodchips kreations! He is extremely talented, so if you’re looking for any woodworking project of any kind, he can make it happen!!

The wreath and wreath hanger for the door just tie it all together like a bow on top for me! I looove the color and simple look of this wreath and the matte black wreath hanger matched our windows and door handles on the exterior so well!

Just a few touches were added to the entryway to make it feel all fall and homey! I added two new pillows to the church pew I found at target and at Kirkland’s. I love this one I found at Kirkland’s (currently on sale for under $25!) because it is double-sided, making it easy to transition from “pumpkin patch” to a very neutral fall buffalo plaid on the other side! I love shopping for items that will have multiple uses and ones I’ll be able to stretch out for a longer period of time! Another reason I like to decorate our home “soft fall”!

I love having the option to switch up the look of the pillows at any time with this double-sided pillow. The third mustard yellow pillow was one I previously had gotten from hobby lobby I normally have up in C’s room!

Another thing I shared in my stories last Friday as an inexpensive and easy way to add some festive touches to your home is by using a letterboard! You can find a lot that are not super expensive, here is the one I have! I added some of my favorite fall things and terms that came to mind for a quick way to make our bookshelf more fall ready!

Moving on to the kitchen, again, kept it super easy and most of the pumpkins I already had from years past from the target dollar section that were grey, sage, and muted blue color tones. I love the blue/sage greens and grays mixed in with the orange and white. The larger white and grey pumpkins on the table and on the black bookshelf are from Walmart, and the gold-topped orange + black pumpkins are target dollar section this year! I did get this small pack of pumpkin fillers from Kirkland’s under $10 that were an array of muted oranges, white, and similar color tones to the target dollar ones I had from years past that I mixed in with the ones I had already, and that’s it! The two sage greenery pieces on the ends were also a Walmart find!

Added just a few little touches in the kitchen with another target dollar spot pumpkin, a fall candle, our family calendar + copy of the fall Magnolia Journal, and took out my buffalo plaid Minnesota kitchen towel I got at a craft show last year! Fun fact, the ones who made these kitchen towels is a mother/daughter duo, and I went to high school with the daughter and her mom was my lunch lady in high school! Fun to support them and their small business! πŸ™‚


The last space I wanted to share with you is our breezeway! It is a space we are using constantly and even guests use and enter through the breezeway, so I do like to keep the space decorated a bit and cleaned up as much as I can, even though it’s definitely a high traffic, high dirt space! I still want it to feel inviting and welcoming, whether we’re returning home or guests are entering in, so I do love having it decorated even just a little bit!

The little burlap sac bags were another target dollar section find, and the pumpkin patch sign from Menard’s I found fit perfectly where we usually keep our farmhouse sign, so that was an easy swap to make this space feel more festive! I also added this sweet pumpkin painting that my talented friend made and I just love having her artwork sprinkled throughout our home! We have several of her art pieces and she is so talented. She also loves the Lord and loves creating work that glorifies Him through her paintings, and the scripture she shares on the back of every one of her pieces! She has her own Etsy page that you can find here with the same 6×6 pumpkin paintings that I have seen here! She has many pieces on her Etsy shop and she can do commission work to create something totally new you had in mind!

And that’s it!

Minimally decorated, easy updates with many items I already had, and super budget-friendly. The most I spent for sure was on those beautiful pumpkins that are out on the porch and are getting ready to freeze their little pumpkin booties off here pretty soon. Unless I move them to the garage! Ha!

I hope this little fall decor tour inspires you, simplifies decorating for fall for you, and encourages you to shop within your own home first before buying new…No matter what season it is!

Happy Thursday, friends!

with love,

from courtney

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