Budget-Friendly Options for Those Ridiculously Priced Golden Goose Sneakers!

Happy Thursday!

I rounded up a list of great golden goose dupe options. I have tried two of the options below and both are comfortable and super cute! Prices range from $16-35…. all a FRACTION of the cost, scratch that, a fraction of a fraction of a fraction of the cost for the golden goose. It didn’t take me long to find some great options for you ladies! Here we go!


Screen Shot 2019-09-24 at 8.33.02 PM.png

This pair is so similar to the pair I have that I was asked if they were GG’s! NOPE! They’re under $20!!, super comfortable and run TTS!

Screen Shot 2019-09-26 at 11.11.36 PM.png

I love this black pair I found on Amazon and one other retailer below. These are just at $39.00, but they are such a good dupe to the GG’s!

Screen Shot 2019-09-24 at 8.25.06 PM.pngScreen Shot 2019-09-24 at 8.24.52 PM.pngScreen Shot 2019-09-24 at 8.32.33 PM.png

These three are all SO cute and have some sizes available in them at the moment, so I wanted to share them here so when they are restocked fully, you can easily know where to find the link for them at! I LOVE the black and leopard print pair, and this rose gold foil is also so pretty… they’re identical to the silver foil pair I have! They do have the same silver pair, but are currently sold out in that color at the moment! These all fit TTS and are only $34!!!

This leopard fashion sneaker is another total dupe! A little different than the GG’s but I’ve seen brands like Gucci or other brands I’d never spend money on come out with sneakers like these! They are $16!!! And they will go with so many different outfits! If you’re into the animal print trend, these are a great option! Or even if you want to just add a little animal print into your wardrobe, these have the perfect little bit for you!

These camo fashion sneakers are also another great option! They’re a little more at $30, but if you love camo these are so cute and will also go with so many outfits!

Screen Shot 2019-09-24 at 8.21.26 PM.png

Last pair I wanted to share with you are these $16(!!) Yes, $16 golden goose dupes! They fit TTS and are actually really comfortable!! The black is actual glitter, and I did notice that some of the glitter was on the floor at the store, but when I was rubbing them, I wasn’t getting amy glitter off. SO- they may shed lightly, just wanted to let you know of that! Otherwise- these are so fun! They’re perfect for a fun date night out, a concert, a football or basketball game this fall and winter… or just to add a little glam for your day to day wear! 🙂

I hope you (and your wallets!) enjoy these much more affordable options!

with love,

from courtney


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