Updated Valentine’s Day Book Resources + Craft Ideas!

 but God shows his love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.   -Romans 5:8

Hi friends!!

Romans 5:8 is our fighter verse we are memorizing this month, and what a great way to fix our eyes on what true love looks like in Jesus. I love celebrating holidays and have lots of different books that we pull out every month that go along with the seasons or upcoming holidays we recognize, but, I don’t want those to be distractions. If that makes sense? So, even though we have been reading Valentine’s Day themed books, I always want to point my children to what true love looks like through His word, which is why I chose Romans 5:8 as our fighter verse this month! I hope that gives you encouragement today, and maybe you’ll start implementing a fighter verse in your home today. Maybe you’ll start memorizing Romans 5:8 for the rest of the month! 🙂 It is amazing how their little brains are like sponges and literally soak up His very word as you practice saying it every day. I am always amazed at the end of each month (and even sooner than the end of each month!) at Collins’ ability to say the verse we’re memorizing, especially the longer ones! That encourages my heart and challenges me to memorize His word, have it on the tip of my tongue, at the forefront of my mind, and hidden in my heart… treasuring it, holding fast to it, and using it as the power and wisdom I need when I find myself fighting my flesh!

With that, I also wanted to share an updated post, at the top of my blog post thread for you that shares some fun Valentine’s Day books to read. Maybe you have some of these already, maybe you can have a little outing today to go on a search at Walmart for a couple of these books and then go find a cozy spot to read your new books with your littles as a fun Valentine’s Day outing (coffee shop, mama, coffee shops are cozy!) 😉 Or maybe you’ll grab some of these for next year or to read for the rest of the month then put away for next year! 🙂

Being a former teacher, I absolutely loved the month of February (and still do). February is “I love to read month” and also Black History month, then there was the 100th day of school, Valentine’s Day, and President’s day! There was always something exciting to talk about next, and this winter month always seemed to go by fast because of that. I still get excited to take out my monthly read aloud stories and read them to my smaller audience here at home (which I love and I cherish so much more with my own babies), and I love seeing how excited C gets now when I pull out new stories every month that go into our holiday/monthly book basket in our at-home library! I hope T grows to love this as he gets older, too! 💗♥️

We’ve been reading a handful of Valentine’s themed books over the past week and a half. These are some of my favorites, but I think my most favorite out of this bunch is “Most of All Jesus Loves You” and “Love Monster and the Perfect Present”. One other book that I need my own copy of is “Love Splat,” which is a super cute Valentine’s Day story also that touches on showing someone you love them even more so than in physical gifts. One thing I loved about children’s literature is that there are great messages in children’s books and insights we can all glean from them. Below is a list recapping some of these stories, along with a craft idea you can do with your little ones after reading Love Monster and Love Splat. I did both with my students in years past, and both might’ve been my favorite art projects we did all year! 😊

Love Monster and the Perfect Present by: Rachel Bright

This story is about a little monster who is on the search for the perfect present to give to the girl monster he admires. What he finds while on his search ends up becoming so much more meaningful than any gift a store could offer. There are lots of other Love Monster books in this series that would be great options for Valentine’s Day like: Love Monster, Love Monster and the Last Chocolate

Pete the Cat Valentine’s Day is Cool by: Kimberly and James Dean

Pete the Cat is a wonderful series that children love. Pete is a funny cat, and similar to Love Monster, Pete is trying to figure out the perfect gift for a friend. This turns in to making the perfect gift not only for his friend, but for his other classmates, his teacher, the bus driver, crossing guard, and even his mom 😊. I love that this story emphasizes the importance of finding all the little ways others around us show they love and care for us every day and celebrating them and showing appreciation for them.

Olive My Love by: Vivian Walsh

This is such a sweet story of a little pup, Olive, on the search to return a special gift, a lost heart. As she searches for the owner, she meets many characters along the way that show her what it truly means to give someone all of their love. “Olive my love”… “all of my love” you and your babes will love this sweet story, and again, with a much deeper message behind it! 😊💗

Love, Splat by: Rob Scotton

Splat the Cat is another popular series like Pete the Cat. They are funny stories and children really like them. In this story, Splat is trying to win over his admirer, Kitten, from his class. Although, he’s not the only one! His rival, Spike, is also seeking the love of Kitten. This funny tale will make you laugh and keep you on your toes wondering if Splat’s heartfelt valentine will win Kitten over in the end!

The Littlest Valentine

Little Emma tries to find her role as the Valentine family prep for their family business’s biggest day of the year at their gift shop – Valentine’s Day!

Most of all, Jesus Loves You!

Written by John Piper’s wife, Noel Piper! A great book for every day, not just Valentine’s Day! Would make a great bed time book 🙂

Guess How Much I Love You

Such a classic! A sweet book to add to your Valentine’s Day books if you don’t already have this book, or to pull off your shelf to read during the month of February if you already have it!

Craft fun after story time

Below are examples of two art projects you could do with your kiddos after reading Love, Splat or Love Monster. I also linked my pins on Pinterest to find step by step details to create these projects below the picture. The one part that young ones would need most help with is writing out their example of what love is, which you could easily write in for them after they told you their idea! They may also need help with cutting and gluing, depending on their age, so that may require a little more prepping beforehand for you. These projects just turn out SO cute afterwards, so a little extra prep up front is worth it! Enjoy and have FUN!  

Love, Splat Craft
Love Monster Craft

Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day tomorrow everyone! 💗♥️

with love,

from courtney


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