Valentine’s Day Art Project!

Good morning!

Hello, February. With Vday in a few weeks, I thought I would share a fun craft idea that you could do with your little ones! It is something that you could do as an extension to further engage with the story, Love Monster And The Perfect Present. You could also do the original story, Love Monster! I really love the message of The Perfect Present, though 🙂

I shared the step by step in my stories, but figured I would place the steps here, so you could come back to this and reference it, if needed.

w h a t  y o u  n e e d . . .

A pair of scissors, a glue stick, 1 white paper plate, 1 black marker, 1 sheet of red tissue paper, red, white, and black construction paper.

w h a t  t o  d o . . .

  1. Cut out rectangular strips of the red tissue paper. You can make the strips bigger or smaller depending on the age of the child, so that it’s appropriate for them to be able to do much of it on their own (or fully if they’re older, I did this with my 1st grade students!).
  2. After you’ve cut your strips, glue them around the inside of the plate, leaving the ribbed edging white.
  3. Next, cut out two medium-sized red triangles, two medium-sized white circles, 3 small white triangles, and one thin black crescent moon shape.
  4. Glue 2 medium-sized triangles on back of plate for Love Monster’s ears, the two white circles for the eyes, the black thin crescent moon shape for the mouth, and the three white small triangles on the mouth for his teeth!
  5. Last, color two large circles with your black marker on the white circles for his eyes!

That’s it! Your kiddo will love creating their very own Love Monster for Valentine’s Day! Enjoy and please tag me on Instagram if you end up making them! I would love to see your little loves with their Love Monsters!

Happy Friday!

with love,

from courtney


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