Happy Monday!

Today I want to share a few of my personal favorite items that I think will help you get your new year started off on the right foot. From my favorite planner, to some favorite organizational items, to my favorite packing cubes, I think you’ll find something on this list you’ll want to add into your days in the new year!

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  1. Healthy Human Waterbottle – I have the 32 oz and love how cold my water stays for 24 hours+. I also like only needing to keep track of drinking this bottle twice a day to get 64 oz. of water in every day! The one thing about it is it doesn’t fit in my cup holder (the 32 oz. at least doesn’t), so I have to set it on my passenger seat with my purse when I’m on the road, but I don’t mind that!

2. Vital Protein Collagen Peptides – have talked about this supplement sooo many times and have a few blog posts on here of how I use them and why I use them! Have been using them for over 3 years and love adding a scoop into my coffee in the morning and into my smoothies. You can put them into almost anything though because they are odorless and dissolve completely into whatever you’re adding them into! Collagen is amazing for your skin, hair, nails, and joint support!

3. Packing cubes – heading on any trips over the long winter or planning some trips in 2020? These are my absolute favorite packing cubes and are SUCH a game changer for packing. I use them even when we just go down to the Twin Cities to visit family for a long weekend! They are awesome!

4. Botanic Tree Glycolic Acid Face Wash – THIS STUFF!! You guys will love how fresh your face feels after you use this face wash. Glycolic acid is an amazing exfoliator and this face wash helps with brightening your skin, discoloration, and signs of aging and it’s very reasonably priced!

5.  My favorite hair ties!

6.  New Morning Mercies Daily Devotional By Paul David Tripp – I have shared this so many times on my IG stories and was just on my last blog post of different resources to start off your bible planning + reading plans with! It is a gospel-focused, well-written, scripture-based, and very well-loved daily devotional in our own home. This one is slightly different than the one we have, it is the special edition gift edition, but I love the cover of it. The content on the inside is the same as the content on the original one! 🙂

7. When Less Becomes More – Book my Emily Ley! Just started reading this and love it so far. I think it would be a great light read to start your new year! She gives practical ways to simplify your day to day, including some social media/screentime simplifying tips, which I have enjoyed reading about!

8.  Hosanna Revival Hand Painted Planner – I absolutely love the simplicity of these planners for the weekly planning spots. Sometimes when there’s sooo many spots and boxes to fill out in planners I get overwhelmed that I am not using allll those spots, and that is not what a planner should be! I love that it has a monthly calendar, weekly calendars, and has lots of God’s truth scattered throughout the planner to remind you of HIS truth as you plan! Each bible and planner that they have are HAND painted too. Such a cool business to think about supporting for a planner purchase this year!

9.  AMAZON FIND JOGGERS! – Recommended by YOU!!! $12.99, come in lots of color options, and recommended by one of you for their comfort and quality! Sign me up for some new workout gear to motivate me in the new year!

10. 2 LEGGINGS FOR $24! – Fabletics leggings are probably my new favorite leggings to get right now for any type of workout, but I have found them to be especially great for my HIIT workout classes! They never fall down and are super comfortable. When you sign up to be a VIP you get your first two pairs for $24 too!! All you have to do is sign into your account by the 5th of every month to simply click “skip” ordering for that month so you aren’t charged. Don’t have to pay for anything to keep your VIP membership at all, which I love! If you don’t need anything, you don’t have to order that month, simple as that! 🙂 This two-piece kessler set  with the strappy details on this fun pink color and this two-piece pink army + stars and boxy tee set are in my next Fabletics haul I’ll be sharing later this week!

11. Palmers Face Oil – This stuff is AMAZING!! Another item YOU recommended!

12. Tula Glow and Get It Eye Balm – I love both the rose glow and get it eye balm and the glow and get it eye balm. Helps with puffiness in the morning under and around your eyes, gives you a nice highlight under your eyes, and has a cooling effect that wakes your eyes up in the morning or a good mid-day refresh! They can go under or on top of your makeup too! 🙂 Use code COURTNEYTRACY15 at checkout for an extra discount from Tula!

13. Some of my favorite organizing baskets we have!

14. Love these for fridge organization! These ones too!

15. I have these baskets under all of our vanities on the open shelf and in our linen closet. I love how they warm up these spaces and give them some texture with all our black and white. 🙂 I also love THESE multi-purpose bins in the medium size for storing different things under our kitchen sink! They also are great book bins for students or your own kiddos to have at home that they can keep busy work in + some books of their choice they can pull out to read for those in-between moments throughout the day!


These O-key rings help me keep track of my keys! I love being hands free when we are out running errands while I’m holding Tommy, so I don’t have to set him down or try to dig around for my keys in my purse, they’re just easily accessible on my wrist! You will love these! I have a few of them and have gifted several away to friends and family too. 🙂

These Adidas Swift Runner Shoes are my go-to sneakers for most errand running days, but they are also great for workouts too! Under $100 and come in several color options! They’re very light weight for workouts and running.

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