Trader Joe’s H A U L!

My list of Trader Joe’s favorites upon a request I had is what’s on today’s Friday Favs menu!

Below is a list I compiled (that will probably be added to) of my favorites from Trader Joe’s. I shopped at TJ’s weekly when we lived close to one, but now I literally have my mom bring up a haul when they come to visit or I will make a haul when I’m down visiting them in the cities!

So here’s a list of my go-to’s, broken down by category. Lots of items I have been getting for years from TJ’s and also some new ones I am putting on this list that were from my most-recent haul my mom brought up for me last week!

p r o d u c e 

organic spinach

organic butter lettuce + raddicho salad mix

southwestern chopped salad mix bags

organic fruit (love how inexpensive their selection is!)

organic coleslaw kit (perfect for summer potlucks + on top of pulled-pork sandwiches!)

riced cauliflower bags + riced broccoli bags

organic kale bags

cruciferous crunch collection bags (kale, brussel sprouts, red and green cabbage, broccoli)

melange a trois bell pepper strips bags

m e a t / p o u l t r y 

sweet italian chicken sausage

(just tried these this week and they are amazing!) will be sharing that super easy recipe I made in my stories this past week using these soon!

sweet apple chicken sausage

(they have a few other flavors of these that are really good!)

lunch meat (they have good options free of hormones and again good price for organic!)

pollo asado autentico (perfect for sheet pan fajitas with bell peppers!) haven’t tried these yet!

gluten-free breaded chicken nuggets (I haven’t tried these but they might be in frozen section, getting these on my next haul!)

d a i r y +  n o n d a i r y 

organic half + half

organic heavy whipping cream

yogurts (free of rBST) …like the rest of their dairy products!

whipped cream cheese (for those TJ’s bagels!) 😉

organic non-dairy cultured cashew beverage

just tried this for the first time and it was really good! it is like a kefir, so it has lots of probiotics in it. i got the plain, so there wasn’t any extra added sugar, but they do have this in a mango flavor as well!

string cheese

white stilton with apricots (in the specialty cheese area next to lunch meats)

this cheese is unbelievably tasty and is perfect for summer salads. i love to sprinkle a little of this onto a chicken strawberry salad i like to make during the spring/summer.

s n a c k s (what you and I are all here for!)

greek yogurt reduced-guilt chunky guac… this stuff is ADDICTING!

mild or hot pico de gallo

roasted tomatillo + mango salsa (so good on tacos for a little sweet with your savory!)

organic corn tortilla chips

organic elote corn scoops

(another item i just tried from my last haul)… and these are seriously SO good.they’re like a spicy frito and are so delicious with that guac! they have another “scoops” type of chip down the chip aisle similar to this that they’ve had forever that is like a frito and not spicy, so if you don’t like spicy, go for these instead! they’re usually in a white bag with green + blue writing i believe!

organic fruit squeeze pouches (love to stock up on these for the kiddos!)

organic peanut butter mini sandwich crackers (like mini ritz-bitz) another one for the kiddos!

hummus (have a ton of yummy kinds, want to try the 5 layer dip one that sounds like taco dip!) otherwise the spicy avocado hummus and just their original roasted garlic is our go-to!

avocado tzatziki dip (greek yogurt, avo, diced cucumber + jalapeño) yum!

jerk-style plantain chips (spicy!)

 Peanut Butter Puffins cereal (they sell these other places but are always cheaper at TJs!)

Joe-Joe’s cookies …the chocolate gluten-free ones and the vanilla gluten-filled ones, both delicious!

mini PB cups / mini AB cups (just discovered these and they are SO good!)

organic chocolate bars

juicy dried mangoes

s p i c e s , b a k i n g , and o i l s 

avocado oil (love to stock up on this here because of the price!)

coconut oil cooking spray (love, have used for forever!)

coconut aminos (replacement for soy sauce, so good and tastes the same without the killer sodium… and soy) 😉

gluten-free brownie mix

fudgy chocolate quinoa loaf and cake mix

cornbread mix

lemon pepper spice

everything bagel spice (SOOO good on avo toast!)

broccoli and kale pizza crust + cauliflower pizza crusts (haven’t tried these but sound nummy, might be in frozen section!)

jumbo cinnamon rolls (amazing!!)

c o n d i m e n t s / s a u c e s 

almond butter (I have always loved their AB over others I’ve tried!) usually get the salted kind but unsalted is good too!

sunflower seed butter

balsamic salad dressing

cilantro salad dressing

raspberry gorgonzola salad dressing (they haven’t had this in forever, but it is sooo good on that summer salad i mentioned above i like to make, so if they ever get it back… there ya go!)

carolina bbq sauce (so delicious!)

**they have tons of seasonal items for these categories so look at them close, they change frequently!**

organic vodka spaghetti sauce *fav!*

organic marinara sauce

b r e a d / p a s t a / g r a  i n s / b a r s 

 penne pasta but have a ton of gluten-free options for noodles which is nice!

bagels – everything, cinnamon + raisin

organic old-fashioned steel cut oats

apple fig bars

one1brand protein bars – love stocking up on my fav protein bars from here for the price of them!

f r o z e n 

cauliflower gnocchi (on my list for next haul!)

superfoods pilaf blend (love these!)

frozen ready-grilled chicken strips (great on salads or in homemade quesadillas!)

orange chicken packets (not super clean ingredients!)

vegetable fried rice packets

family style lasagna (not super clean ingredients!)

d r i n k s 

sparkling juices (come in a tall glass bottle, perfect for brunches or if you’re hosting upcoming parties/baby or bridal showers! love the clementine one they have)

mint + watermelon black tea (seasonal to spring! sounded tasty!)

sparkling watermelon juice (seasonal, on my next haul to try!)

spindrift sparkling water drinks

kombucha (love stocking up on my favs – GTS, Healthade, and the TJ brand from here for the price! they’re always a little cheaper here)


There you have it! Most of our go-to’s, some new + seasonal ideas, and a few I’m eyeing for my next haul. When you go, be sure to check out their end caps, which usually have featured items for that week/day that they are sampling and are also seasonal items. Those are fun items to pick up when you go for a haul next! I hope this list helps you as you shop, but be sure to explore the store to find your own TJ finds, too! Then, SHARE!! If you have a fav you love, share in the comments below! Happy shopping, friends!


with love,

from courtney

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