Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Good morning!

For this edition of Friday Favs I thought I’d share a few Mother’s Day gift ideas with y’all as you think about what to get for your own mama!

  1.  Oventure Key Rings! I recently got one of these and already gave one (a little early!) to my mom and MIL and thought these were something different! I love mine so much!! I appreciate that these can stay on your wrist, so you can keep track of your keys easier and not lose them in your purse, plus you can be hands free to hold your babies when you have this on your wrist! They come in a BUNCH of different color and pattern options between their leather and silicon O rings, making it a very personalized gift! Screen Shot 2019-05-02 at 10.54.57 PM
  2. Gift card! You can’t go wrong here. I know it doesn’t seem as personalized, but some cash towards one of their favorite places to shop… I don’t see how that isn’t personalized to them and where they enjoy shopping! A couple (personal) favs:
    1. Nordstrom
    2. World Market -just started shopping this site a little more, anddddd how stinking cute is this Macrame tote bag…!! Screen Shot 2019-05-02 at 11.40.33 PM Screen Shot 2019-05-02 at 11.44.46 PM   I also love this floral garden tool set that you could easily pair with organic seeds, a bouquet of flowers, and a cute pair of new gardening gloves or a planter! They have something for EVERYONE at WM!
    3. Target – For Mother’s Day they are currently doing a BOGO 50% OFF women’s tops and shorts deal!
    4. Starbucks, Caribou, or other coffee shop favorite of hers!
    5. A favorite restaurant of hers!
  3. Massage Spa DAY!! Or treating them to another form of self-care they enjoy… getting their nails done, hair done, pedicure, facial. This allows you to personalize it too, based on what they like to do!
  4. Beautiful handprinted art piece that reminds you of her! A friend of mine has this amazing Etsy shop filled with beautiful paintings! We have several of her paintings in our own home, and they are so special to us! How gorgeous is this pretty white roses original painting? She recently added a TON of gorgeous flower paintings to her shop, but has a wide range of paintings in her shop as well!

    Screen Shot 2019-05-03 at 12.27.04 AM
    Image Taken From Pam Killerlain Etsy Shop
  5. Handmade card from you + the grandbabies!
  6. Breakfast in bed/Allowing her to sleep in if she’s able to even do that anymore! 😉 then praying together for Mommy and thanking God for Mommy and all the things you love about Mommy!
  7. Taking care of a pesky chore that might not be their favorite thing to do!
  8. A new PJ set or robe! Love this classic PJ set, also comes in a pant version, great price point, too! Also love this polka dot set, currently price-matched, and this window-pane plaid set that is currently 50% off!
  9. Slippers! One of my favorite pairs of Ugg slippers, lots of colors, and under $100!  Screen Shot 2019-05-03 at 12.07.22 AM
  10. CUTE cleaning products that are SAFE and free of all the chemicals. Y’all know I love my Grove Collaborative! Safe and Clean cleaning products delivered straight to your door… what mama wouldn’t love this? Especially since you know they will DEFINITELY be using those products all the time. I love my bubble up soap dispenser from Grove, but they have everything from household, to personal care, to babies + kids, and pets! They also carry brands, products, and smells/scents for different brands, all exclusively sold at Grove!  I recently stocked up on my Grove items and included a few items I thought might make good Mother’s Day Gifts!


There you have it!

Short and sweet list! Don’t overthink it when it comes to your mama. Cause at the end of the day, they don’t care what it is… they feel loved by you in any way you choose to show them you appreciate and love them on Mother’s Day! FACT!

Happy Early Mother’s Day to all you mamas reading this today! Have a wonderful weekend, friends.

with love,

from courtney

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