A Sweet Family Tradition Is Brewing At Valley View Farmhouse…

Hello friends!

We have a sweet family tradition we’ve started at the Valley View Farmhouse that I am so excited to share more about with all of you!

You may have already seen my stories on Instagram, but if not, we recently started our tree-tapping adventure earlier this spring with some of our Maples around our property, and we have been happily surprised by how much we were able to get from the trees we did tap this late winter/early spring! If we did our math right, we should be able to get a gallon of syrup out of the sap we collected, and that’s a pretty good start to us for this first year!

We had a desire to start doing this as a family, so for Christmas Dakota’s brother and girlfriend gave us a syrup making starter kit, which got the ball rolling with starting this new adventure together! Once we were serious about trying this out, my husband started researching what to do with the sap once you’ve collected it to get it down to syrup. I had no idea until we started tapping trees, but sap is about 95% water. In fact, it looks like water when you collect it into your buckets from the trees. So, to get your sap to syrup, you have to boil it down, evaporating the water out of the sap, which leaves you with the other 5%…syrup! This led my husband to finding Vermont Evaporating Company! …and I’m SO happy he found them!!

If you haven’t seen my stories yet, you need to check out my “Sugaring” highlight. I share more about this company and the exciting product they have gifted us to make this sugaring process efficient with a high-end feature at an affordable price! That product- The Sapling Evaporator!! If you have 5 trees or 50+ trees you are currently tapping or interested in tapping, this is the product for you and your family! It makes the sugaring process seamless with its continuous-flow feature that the baffle still tray has that the sap goes through as you are evaporating the water out of it.

For those of you that are currently doing this with your family, what that means is less time evaporating the water out of your sap and more time enjoying your sap you’ve turned into syrup on a short stack of pancakes!

I wanted to share with you the items we received from Vermont Evaporating Company, what they all do, and a s w e e t deal they have happening right now that ends TODAY for the remainder of April!

We received the Sapling Evaporator from Vermont Evaporating Company, which is what we will use for our syrup! BUT- the awesome thing about this product, is that it can be used all year long, having the capability to turn into a grill and smoker too when you aren’t using it for making syrup or apple cider! How that works- you replace the baffled steel tray with the Sapling Grill Grates and you instantly have a grill! The tray easily lifts in and out of the evaporator, and can be replaced with the grill grates in a matter of seconds. Boom- syrup making to grill!

Another neat item we received that we’ll be able to use during this spring and fall is the smoking package for anything we want to grill on the Evaporator!  This thing is so awesome and once assembled, can easily be swapped out to get ready for sugaring again in the winter. Here’s what VT EVAP has to say about it:

…convert your Sapling Party Grill into a charcoal smoker by easily assembling: a hinged lid with sturdy, maple handle (shown), an internal baffle (silver panel showing under grates), and a damper (just visible above the elbow in close up) per included instructions. Once assembled, there’s no disassembly required to go back to sugaring (pins pop out of lid hinges for easy on-and-off).

-taken from Vermont Evaporator Company’s website

How awesome is that? Kate and Justin designed these items so, so thoughtfully and effectively. I love that this product is easily interchangeable and adapts to meet your cooking needs in a matter of seconds. That is efficiency at it’s finest, and as a couple who also has children and wanted them to be included in their own backyard sugaring adventure in Vermont, I know Kate and Justin wanted efficiency that even busy moms and dads would appreciate…and we DO appreciate their design+engineering efforts behind this product very much!

I’m super excited to show you how to use both the grill + smoker throughout this spring, summer, and fall, but did want to share that with the purchase of the Sapling Evaporator through the remaining hours of April (or while supplies last!), you will receive both the grill grates ($45) + smoking package ($295) for FREE! By using code: SMOKIN at checkout, you will instantly save $350 dollars!

I am so excited to share some fun recipes as we use the grill + smoker later on this summer. Stay tuned for more Tracy fam adventures using the Vermont Evaporator Company Sapling Evaporator! Happy Tuesday, friends!

with love,

from courtney

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