N Sale Top Picks (most) $50 or LESS!

This image came from the Nordstrom website.

Here is my round up of top picks for Nordstrom’s N Sale that started yesterday! It is open only to Nordstrom cardholders until next week, then opens to the public (see calendar above!). I tried to aselect items that I think will be sold out quickly based on current trends. You will also see some of my personal style in my choices too, of course (hello comfortable leggings and everything BLACK!) I also chose items from my top brands I like to shop for plus some new ones I would like to try:

Zella, BP, Lush, Halogen, Citizens of Humanity denim, Treasure and Bond, Steve Madden, Madewell, The Laundry Room, PAIGE denim, JOE’S denim, Adidas, Nike, Hunter, Tory Burch (NOT under $50!), Belly Bandit (for pregnant or postpartum mamas, SO getting one of these corsets for baby #2!), Converse, and Naturalizer Booties.

WHEW! My go to brands are the first few listed though- Zella, BP, Lush, JOE’S, Citizens, and Halogen. I also tagged several items for the babes that are on sale too! My favorite shirt I saw for babies was a graphic top that said “This Cute Face Isn’t Gonna Feed Itself” Ha! Collins needs that shirt. Like yesterday! There is also a City Select stroller on super sale, as well as, my FAVORITE baby food maker, the Beaba! I hope you like my picks and happy shopping! …(or like me, mostly window shopping!) 😉

Zella Mesh Top_100924699.jpg

Zella Hoodie  _100925321.jpg

Treasure and Bond Striped Cape _100897161.jpg

 Zella High-Waisted Joggers _100924127.jpg

Treasure and Bond PlaidTop_100982969.jpg

Zella High-Waisted Cropped Leggings _100923562.jpg

BP. Cardigan   _100848237.jpg

BP. Pocket T _100839226.jpg

Lush Bell Sleeve Blouse  _100849706.jpg

Citizens of Humanity Black Skinnies_100920901.jpg

BP. Tie Front Blouse_100990153.jpg

Steve Madden Bomber Jacket _13130818.jpg

Zella High-Waisted Leggings _13459777.jpg

Zella Crop Leggings _100848143.jpg

Adidas Cut Off  _12793953.jpg

Zella Pants_11158195.jpg

The Laundry Room Joggers _101009718.jpg


Zella High-Waisted Cropped Leggings_100958495.jpg

PAIGE High-waisted Skinnies_100925680.jpg

Halogen Swing Top _101165559.jpg

JOE’S Skinnies _100832448.jpg

Halogen Scalloped Top _101165097.jpg

BellyBandit PP Corset_100940466.jpg

BellyBandit PP Belly Shield_101002556.jpg

JOE’S Skinnies _101165168.jpg

Halogen Loafers_100853242.jpg

Halogen Wrap Up Flat   _100833548.jpg

Nike Thea Sneakers_100690971.jpg

Adidas Superstar Sneakers_10195182.jpg

Converse Chucks _101183855.jpg

Tory Burch Flats_100580822.jpg

Hunter Shorties_100927945.jpg

Steve Madden Thigh-High Boots_100708390.jpg

Naturalizer Booties _100892777.jpg


Beaba Foodmaker_12682012.jpg

City Select Stroller _101149596.jpg

 Freshly Picked Moccasins _100764784.jpg

Cardigan _101053141.jpg

Metallic Pleated Skirt _101062844.jpg

Pink Adidas Shoes_101119270.jpg

Robeez  _100864587.jpg

Peplum Top and Leggings Set _101078165.jpg

Well Rounded Diet T-shirt_100917818.jpg

This Cute Face T-shirt_100915798.jpg

Baby Patagonia Pullover _100821507.jpg

Chestnut Bow Uggs _100765211.jpg

Hooded Denim Jacket  _100834436.jpg

Dress and Leggings Set _100868145.jpg

Tulle Skirted Tee and Leggings Set _101047503.jpg


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