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1 – Oventure key ring – have a couple of these and have gifted away a few too and would make such a unique and cute gift for $25!

2 – Men’s Carhartt Beanie – Dakota has this same one, and sometimes I even steal it! I love the color of this one, but it comes in several other color options as well!

3 – Teleties – I started using these hair ties over the summer, and I LOVE them. This brand and the invisibobble ones are my fav. They don’t leave a mark on your hair and don’t pull either!

4 – CC Leopard Beanie – I thought this was a fun gift idea for any gal you’re shopping for who is into the leopard/animal print trend right now! This would make such a sweet gift along with the chenille tech gloves I have on this guide!

5 – Farm to Feet Merino Wool Midweight Socks – These are 100% Merino Wool and 100% made in the USA! They have a cool backstory, and I love their integrity to make and produce these socks 100% in the US that come from many sheep farms, including one Cokeville, Wyoming. Check these out! They have tons of different weight + size options plus lots of fun prints!

6 – Tile Mat – we got these as a gift from Dakota’s brother, and they are so cool! You attach the tile to your car keys, and using the app on your phone, you are able to send off an alarm on the tile or vice versa from the tile mat that sends off an alarm to your phone if you can’t find either of them!

7 – Mini Manicure Kit – I think  my husband needs this for his truck or on his car keys! For how many times he’s asked for a nail clipper that I never have in my purse OR has lost ones that he’s taken with him from our bathroom drawer to his truck… this would be a great item for him to keep permanently out in his truck and it has a few other nice tools to it!

8 – Capri Blue Mini Volcano Candle – these are amazing candles at Antrho and these mini ones are just under $25 and would make a great gift for any gal you’re shopping for and pair it with something cozy, like the slippers on this gift guide or a cozy blanket!

9 – Makeup Removing Cloths – I don’t know the science behind these, but BOY do they work! They’re under $10 and would make a great stocking stuffer or gift that went along with a fun skincare or makeup kit for a gal! I recently learned you’re supposed to remove your makeup before cleansing your skin (normally I just use my cleanser to take off my makeup at the same time!) SO these are amazing and you only need to wet them with water and it really gets everything off! They come in a pack, so you could even divide them up and gift two away to two different gals or one to four different gals, or the whole pack! A great budget-friendly gift idea.

10 – I recently ordered a few of these stacking necklaces from Mel who is the owner of this etsy shop, and they are SO sweet and affordable. I love these petite letter initial necklaces for something more personalized, but she has lots of other options. I love the petite star necklace and the coin choker necklace too. I love that you can also get different chain sizes for every one of her necklaces!

11 – Tiled Monogram Mug – a sweet personalized gift idea for $10! Would make a great teacher, co-worker/boss’s gift too!

12 – Women’s Chenille Tech Gloves – these are so cute and would go perfect with the leopard beanie on this gift guide! I love that they’re chenille!

13 – Pocket Flashlight Tool Kit – another budget-friendly gift idea for any guy you’re shopping for! Has a flashlight and a few other tools on it that they could keep in their car or carry on their car keys in their pocket to always have with them!

14 – Amazon Find Slippers – these are such a good amazon find, and a fun dupe to the Ugg  slippers I have. They have so much fluff and would make a great gift for a gal you’re shopping with and pair it with a fun pajamas set + the teleties hair ties for a cute “sleepover” theme gift idea for a teen gal you might be shopping for!

15 – Invisibobble Hair Ties – another fav hair tie brand! Under $10!


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