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1 – Barefoot Dreams Cardigan – such a nice gift idea for your mom or MIL! These are worth the price and feel like you’re wearing around a blanket!

2 – Bose Soundlink Headphones – a nice headphone option that would be great for the dads!

3 – Multi Tool Combination Pliers – another nice gift idea for your dad or FIL! Would be a great tool to keep with them in the glove compartment or center console of their vehicle!

4 – Ring Doorbell Pro – we have this on our front door and LOVE it! This has to be hardwired in to an existing doorbell, but there is another option for you if you want a Ring without having to hardwire it that would also be a great gift for the dads and is a little less expensive!

5 – Ring Doorbell 2 – we also have this one for our back door, and love that it can be anywhere without needing to be hardwired in or where an existing doorbell was. You CAN have it hardwired in if you’d like, but don’t need to! You have to charge the battery on it every once in a while, but it lasts a long time in between charges. It comes with the charging wire, which is just a USB that can be plugged into an iPhone charger easily! We also have been super happy with this doorbell monitor!

6 – Ebag Packing Cubes – have these myself and they are a GAME CHANGER for packing. I love them and will use them even when I pack for a weekend trip down to the cities. would make a great gift for your parents or in-laws, especially if they like to travel!

7 – Madewell Personalized Backpack – we gifted this to my MIL last Christmas and she uses it as her every day purse/bag! We did personalize it for her with her initials, which I think would give it that extra thoughtful touch! It is an amazing bag, and I love how overtime the leather of the backpack has relaxed and distressed naturally! I like it even better than when we first bought it for her! This would make such a nice gift for your mom or MIL! They also have so many different style bags if she doesn’t like a backpack style, and you can personalize anything from Madewell, even clothing!

8 – Victoria Emerson bracelets – these are so fun! I have one myself and love that it gives you a stacked look, but is one whole bracelet with an easy magnet clasp. They come in SO many different options, and are currently on sale through the LTK app for the 12 Days of LTK deals!

9 – Massager – shared this on my men’s GG as well, but think it would make a great gift for the dads!

10 – Weighted Blanket – another amazon find and it is a little more expensive, but not the most and has amazing reviews! Weighted blankets help with sleep and give you that comfort feeling of constantly being snuggled! I think this would be a great gift for either the moms or dads or even a teen you’re shopping for this Christmas!

11 – 5 QT. Kitchenaid Mixer (ON BLACK FRIDAY DEAL AT KOHLS FOR $279) OR the Mini Kitchenaid Mixer – we have this size and we also gifted my MIL this one year for Christmas and it is a great size for the occasional baker, but is great for other cooking recipes too! We love using this to shred chicken perfectly and quickly for shredded chicken tacos too! These are always at a great price point for black friday or cyber monday! We love ours!

12 – Ninja Foodi 7-in-1 Pressure Fryer + Tendercrisp – this thing is like a ninja instant pot + air fryer in one! If your in-laws or parents love kitchen gadgets, this would be a great gift! We have this ourselves! I need to start trying new recipes for it again!

13 – a nice candle for the moms! this scent is perfect for this time of year too!

14 – Roku Streaming Stick – this is so cool! I put it on for the dads, it turns ANY tv into a smart TV! So cool and a much more affordable gift than buying a brand new smart TV!

15 – Patagonia Pullover – for the dads! a nice apparel gift idea for them!

Other gift ideas:

-Spa/Salon gift card

-Movie theatre gift card

-Favorite restaurant gift card

-Nice bottle of wine

-Handmade gifts from the grandkids!

-Coffee gift cards

-Framed family pictures of your fam/your kiddos for them




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