Good morning!!

Sharing this SUPER easy recipe on WLFC this morning, that your kiddos will loooove to do with you! C and I have so much fun together every time it’s homemade pizza night at our house.

I love using these freezer crusts from Trader Joe’s that are cauliflower or broccoli + kale, because I feel like it’s a sneaky way to get veggies into the meal. I also love that this recipe is SO versatile to meet your families needs, and if you have any family members that can’t have gluten- these crusts are perfect and will not have them left out!

We typically keep things super simple over here. I love TJ’s pizza sauce also, so we typically do that as our sauce base, then add on Organic Valley pepperonis, and sometime we’ll add in a few extra veggies like finely chopped spinach or bell peppers before adding on Organic Valley mozzarella cheese. We also make a pesto chicken one too that is delicious! We use TJ’s frozen “just grilled” chicken strips and TJ’s pesto sauce!

This would be a super good meal to make on Halloween night before trick or treating or before heading to a trunk or treat event at your church for something quick and easy before heading out the door with your fam! One way you could make this into a more festive meal for Halloween night is by forming the toppings into a jack-o-lantern face! Pepperonis are the easiest way to do that, but you could get creative with any other toppings you have too!

***One helpful tip for the TJ’s crusts*** I like to bake the crusts alone in the oven from frozen first (as the back of the box suggests!) on both sides of the crust for about 12 minutes each to get it a little more crunchy. Otherwise, they are a little on the softer side, but if you don’t mind that, then you don’t need to do that extra step! After I get it more crispy, we transfer the crust to a plate to put the toppings on together, then stick it back in the oven for the designated time on the box (about 7 more minutes for our oven!) Even with the extra step and “helping” hands ;), it really does not take long to make this easy + kid-friendly meal that they will love!


with love,

from courtney




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