WELLNESS WEDNESDAY: Allswell Mattress Review x Walmart

Good morning!

For this week’s Wellness Wednesday, I wanted to chat all about sleep + mattresses, and share a very affordable spring refresh option for a bedroom (maybe your master?!) in your home! I have been trying out the Allswell Mattress over the last two months in a partnership with Walmart Home, but all opinions are my own!

I have to say, I was a little hesitant about getting a mattress for the price that this one was, even in the King size option. I was also a little leery of how comfortable and how great of quality a mattress could be when it is shipped right to your door inside of a skinny rectangular cardboard box. I always assumed that in order for a mattress to be “good” it had to cost more. So far, the Allswell mattress is squashing that expectation. We have had the mattress for just about two months now, and have not had any issues with waking up stiff or sore, and as long as our baby sleeps through the night (and we go to bed at a decent hour, ha!) we are able to get a good night’s rest!

The mattress was SO easy to set up. My husband took it out of the box, together we laid it out onto our bed frame, and the mattress did the rest of the work on its own! It took about 10 minutes or so to be in its full form, then it was good to go. We let it sit for a few hours before putting the bedding on just to be sure it was finished inflating, but it couldn’t have been an easier process.

One thing I have enjoyed about the Allswell compared to our older mattress is that it has a little more give to it than the foam one we had. It is a hybrid mattress that has both coils + foam, so it gives the mattress a little more bounce to it… which Collins has equally enjoyed. 🙂 It also has an added edge-support though, so we feel safe with Collins laying on the bed or sleeping on it with us if she wakes in the middle of the night, although typically she likes to be right in the middle when that happens! Since getting our mattress, she has said more often now that she “wants to sleep in our bed” which is funny! She must really like the Allswell, too  for sleeping and not just jumping on. 🙂

One thing about this mattress that we both wanted is that it doesn’t require a box spring. Before even looking into the Allswell, we knew that we wanted one that was fairly low to the ground and didn’t need to have a box spring with it, so when we found this one, we were excited that it had both of those items for us. Our mattress is 10 inches and it’s firmness number is a 4.5-6.5, so it truly is “just right” on the softness to firmness scale. The other mattress they have is the Luxe Classic Firmer Hybrid Mattress, so if you’re looking for a mattress with a little more firmness, this is the better option for you. It’s firmness number is a 5.5-7, so still just about in the middle, just a little more on the firmer side, but not overly firm! This mattress is a little taller at 12 inches, but both options are going to give you a lower sitting mattress. Our mattress price was $320.00, and the Luxe mattress right now on Walmart is $344.00. NOT a bad price for either option at all!

We also love their bedding! Their sheets are made of 64% Lyocell/Tencel and 36% Cotton, and a 300 thread count percale. We like that they are a little more smooth feeling than a cotton, but they don’t slip around on you at night in your bed. They have this cool-to-touch feel to them also, which I really like! We have the percale sheet set, the euro pillows,which we just added onto Walmart’s website, and euro percale shams for them, along with the charcoal herringbone throw blanket and textured cotton striped decorative pillow. We already had a duvet cover from our previous mattress, but they do have a few different duvet options if you are looking into getting one for your mattress, also! I really love the classic look of this bedding set and its versatility, making it easy to add to it to make it fit the season you’re in with a throw blanket or decorative pillows. The total price for a new mattress with all of these items I listed we have above is just under $700.00. For a brand new mattress, full bedding set, two pillow shams + covers, a throw blanket and decorative pillow… I’d say that is a very reasonable and doable spring refresh option for you or another bedroom within your home! This is all in the king size option for everything, too, so if you’re looking into a smaller mattress + bedding size, the price will be even less than that. That’s great!

Overall, we have been very happy with how we have been sleeping and feeling when we wake up since getting the Allswell, and I am excited to share this affordable mattress and bedding option for you if you’re looking to do a spring refresh in one of the bedrooms in your home. This mattress would be a great option if you’re transitioning your child into a bigger bed this spring, or even as a new guest bedroom mattress, too. I have linked everything on this post, so that you can reference it and use the links I’ve provided to shop anything you’re interested in. I get asked so often about our bed frame we have also, so you can find our exact bed frame here! It is currently on sale for $150.00 right now, another great price point for a bed frame, and we love it!

Happy Wednesday, friends!

with love,

from courtney

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