*FRIDAY FAVORITES* Daisy Blue Naturals Review

Happy Friday!!

Daisy Blue Products
Smells so good, everyone wants in on some Daisy Blue products! Bonus, even if Scout DID get some DB products, they are safe enough to ingest, so I don’t have to worry about that! Featured here: Natural Deodorant Cream, Marigold Salve, Santa’s Smooch Lip Balm, Pomegranate Body Butter, and Merlot Lip Blush

We have been busy at the Valley View Farm ripping up carpet, tearing stuff down, clearing things out, scraping up flooring… mostly my brother-in-law when I say we. I am so thankful and praised God for all the work he’s helped us with. It is a blessing to have family, and an extra blessing to have family that is so supportive and involved in our lives. We are grateful. Did you catch that I said Valley View Farm also? We named the farm thanks to Nana’s creative mind, and I love it! I know we will call it HOME too, but every farm needs a name, and I love that Nana was the one who came up with it! We are getting ready to head to the farm today (another reason why we named ours! …there already is the hunting ground farm, which we just refer to as “the farm!”) for deer camp. My husband’s favorite time of the year just happens to fall right by his birthday. Sitting out in a deer stand would be a just fine present for him every year, so every year is a good birthday for him! 🙂

Anyways, I wanted to kick off this Friday with a blog post featuring a brand I am loving for a Friday Favorites post before we head out later today! Daisy Blue Naturals is a brand that I have been using for a while thanks to Dakota’s aunt, Tammy, who has been working for DBN pretty much since its inception. This brand is much more than just a brand I’m loving right now, but a brand that has been a favorite and will continue to be a long-lasting favorite in our household.

More and more I’m slowly weeding out my makeup/beauty products and replacing them with products that are filled with natural ingredients and are safe. I am so passionate and interested in this topic when it comes to food, but for so long I didn’t even THINK about what I was putting on my skin that then absorbs into my body. I became more aware of this when I was pregnant with Collins knowing I wanted to nurse her and that everything I ingest or allow to absorb into my body can also go to her. So, since then it has continued to be on my heart to do something about it. So, I have begun to transition our bathroom cabinets. The first cabinet I wanted to start with was Collins’. So, she has basically been using Daisy Blue Naturals since she arrived. I started with another “natural” brand we registered at Target for, but even that has an ingredient list a mile long on the back of the container, and constantly dried out Collins’ skin.

So, I’m going to start off with the products I love for Collins that we’ve been using since she was born:

  1. Baby Calendula Shampoo – not sold anymore! 😦 This shampoo is a gentle and natural shampoo that is safe for hair, skin, and doesn’t dry out her skin. We LOVE it and I hope they get it back or recreate something similar to it again!
  2. Baby Lotion – similar in ingredients as the shampoo is, super mild and keeps C’s skin so soft and provides her with all over moisture. Smells like vanilla too, and I just want to eat her up everytime I lather her up! 🙂
  3. Marigold Salve – ***MUST HAVE FOR THE WINTER MONTHS*** this salve is unbelievably effective to get after your baby’s pesky dry patches. I honestly couldn’t believe it after I used it for just a couple days. C gets dry in the creases of her arms and a few other random spots on her body, and since putting this on once or sometimes twice a day now that the weather is getting colder and the air is more dry, it has completely disappeared. Seriously! I was amazed. She also LOVES putting it on and points to the exact spot it goes to every time :). I highly recommend this for these upcoming months of cold and dry air. I also rubbed this near her diaper rash and sensitive areas a couple weeks back when she had some bathroom issues due to teething 😦 …but, with the help of this salve and our trusty lavender rollerball from Nana, that also cleared up quickly and offered her relief too, which helped my mama heart also!

On to our cabinets…

  1. Body Oil – I have been rubbing this on my tummy since I was pregnant with C. Packed with vitamin E oil, this stuff is no joke when it comes to moisturizing and helping with stretch marks. I don’t have much scarring from my stretching, and I believe it’s because I was so adamant to put this on every day, twice a day, while my body was growing and changing while C was in my tummy! This is also great for just all over moisture. I use it a ton in the summertime on my legs and arms too!
  2. Natural Deodorant Cream – I think I’ve *finally* found a natural deodorant that 1. doesn’t make me itch 2. actually smells good and 3. actually keeps me smelling good too! I have also tried the No BS Deodorant Creme that DBN has, but prefer the Natural one over the No BS one! You only need a very little bit for it to go a long way, so it’ll last just as long as the chemically induced sticks, but won’t give you the long-lasting toxic chemicals and fillers. 😉
  3. Peppermint Foot Cream – OKAY, confession here… I have SUPER dry heals/feet in general. All those years of playing soccer, I also still have some pretty great calluses on the inner sides of my big toes.  My mom also has severe eczema, and my brother and I didn’t get that from her, but we do have a more dry skin type because of that. All that combination leads to very dry feet and hands for little old me. I have been using the Peppermint Foot Cream every night before bed and let it do it’s job while I sleep and my heels are improving! If my heels aren’t recracking, (owww! If this happens to you, you know my pain!) then I know something’s working! I haven’t had a new crack form since I started using this at night. I also work out still frequently, and this is great to put on before you workout like icy-hot or right after working out too in the same way!
  4. Merlot Tinted Lip Balm – OKAY, one more confession… I normally don’t like a lip stain on me, but this color is so mild and blends so well with your natural lip color. I love the way it looks and gives your look just that extra little something when you’re going out at night, but is mild enough to wear during the daytime and will give your natural day look a little extra something too. You don’t need a ton of it to go a long way either!
  5. Almond Butter Lotion – THIS smells amazing. I’ve been using this for a while, and it is probably my favorite all-over lotion to use. And did I mention it smells amazing? It’s not overpowering either, but has the best toasted almondy scent to it! I think this would be one of the first items to try out if you’re thinking of testing out some products from Daisy Blue along with the Marigold salve!

Okay, so these are my round-up of Daisy Blue Naturals products I have been loving for this episode of Friday Favorites! Please Contact Tammy directly if you have any other questions, want to learn how to receive some free products, or if you’d like to make a career out of Daisy Blue like Tammy has! Like I said, she has been with DB pretty much since it began, and, I love her! She’s family and I trust her input on this stuff, so I highly recommend her to YOU, too! I’ll be sharing a few more Daisy Blue products I’m loving in future posts geared toward holiday content and gift guides for the natural and holistic gurus! If you’d like to just order products right now, click any of the Daisy Blue Naturals text that’s linked and head over to the website right now to purchase! The site is so simple and easy to navigate through. You’ll find what you need and MORE in a hurry!

Happy shopping friends and have a wonderful weekend!


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