My *favorite* sale of the year is less than a month away, and I want to tell you all about it! If you know me, or you’ve followed along with me within this space for a while, then you might already know a little about the Nordstrom Anniversary sale, and why I love it!

If not, I wanted to create this post to let you know what it is and why it literally is one of the best sales of the year! Personally, I’ve been shopping this sale for over 10 years. My mom and I would go shop this sale before school started when I was in high school, so this sale is special, because it’s something I’ve shared/done with my mom for a long time.

What is the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale?

I also love this sale because unlike most sales that have end-of-season clearance items for their biggest sales, this sale is the opposite! It is all new fall/transitional pieces that go on sale before they go back to their regular price after the anniversary sale is over! See why I love this sale now? 🙂 The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is really the BIGGEST and best sale of the year! 🙂 This sale at Nordstrom  gives you the chance to stock up on all of your favorite fall items at incredibly discounted prices. Not only do you get a head start on fall, but you can also find all sorts of timeless favorites at a huge discount, like my spanx faux leather leggings I’m hoping to snag again this year!

When is the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale?

When you sign up to be a Nordy Club member you get access to the Nordstrom Sale early! That means that before the shelves have been swept, you can grab your favorites – including all of the items I will be sharing on my blog and Instagram!

Early access starts August 13th, and then the sale opens up to everyone from August 19th through the 30th. The best part is, you can shop everything online this year and Nordstrom is going above and beyond to let you preview everything (not just some things in years past!) of what will be included in the sale this year! I am especially excited about that change they made in light of COVID-19.

How do I become a Nordy Club Member and get early access?

It’s SO simple and so worth it to become a Nordy Club Member! All you have to do is sign up for a Nordstrom credit card! When you use your Nordstrom Card in stores or online at Nordstrom, Nordstrom Rack, HauteLook, or Trunk Club you get 3 times the points! These points can eventually be exchanged for Nordy Notes, like cash back! It’s an amazing deal. My mom and I love getting our Nordy Notes in the mail (or email!) 😉

How do I know what to shop for during the sale?

It is such an exciting day! That sounds so silly, but it really is such a fun and anticipated day for those who shop this sale every year. It almost feels like Black Friday shopping, but in July. As I mentioned above though, this year Nordstrom is going above and beyond to let their shoppers prepare for the sale by previewing ALL of the items starting on July 24th! No more catalog flipping, you can scroll online right from your phone or laptop!

I’m going to be saving all of my favorites to my wishlist so that I don’t miss out on anything once the sale starts, and I would definitely recommend creating a wishlist for yourself! One thing I told my gal pals that were shopping the sale through my links last year was to copy and paste each item in a single document, then on the morning of the sale, copy and paste the links into tabs that are already open and ready to add to your cart when the sale begins!

Here’s the motto for this sale: buy it now, return it later. If you aren’t sure on sizes, order both, and return later. Items go so fast during this sale, and because of Nordy’s easy and free return policy, it makes sense to shop the sale quick and gives you a better chance at snagging those items you’re eyeing, because you can always return them for free after if they don’t work or you change your mind on the item. And if an item does sell out, they do restock items throughout the sale. As each phase of the early access sale starts and when it opens up to everyone who aren’t cardholders, they add more inventory in, and when people start returning things that don’t work as the sale is going on, items are added back on. Checking back frequently on items has worked for me several times if there was an item I was eyeing that sold out quickly!

I will also be sharing my top picks from the sale throughout the entire sale –  I will be rounding up my personal favorite items, best finds under $50, top beauty buys, home finds, best of fitness, and more! So make sure you are checking my blog, instagram, and page throughout the sale to make your shopping easier! I have shared this before, but I love this sale, because I have SO much fun creating different posts that highlight the things YOU are all interested in finding during the sale. I always take some polls on my IG stories to get a better idea of what you guys are looking for too, and so that is also part of how I share things throughout the sale! See below for more pro tips for the sale this year- one new thing they’re offering due to COVID is curbside pickup, making shopping this sale even easier and safely done online and from your vehicle this year! Yay!

What happens if I order something and it doesn’t fit or I decide against it?

One of the best things about Nordstrom is their customer service! It’s another reason why my mom and I have loved shopping there. They always go above and beyond to take care of their customers, and the Anniversary Sale is no different! If you order something online and it doesn’t fit, you can always return it online or in store FOR FREE! They always send a return label ready to go in the box/bag it arrived in for fast and easy returns if something doesn’t fit. And remember, buy now, return later is the motto for this sale! 😉

What if I miss something that I was hoping to get during the sale?

Like I mentioned a little bit above, if you miss out on something you were eyeing, no worries! You can sign up for emails from Nordstrom so that you stay in the know with all things Anniversary Sale related! During the sale I continuously check the sale for restock items and try to share those on my Instagram stories quickly during the duration of the sale, so be sure to follow along closely with my posts and stories during the sale for updates too!

I AM SO EXCITED to shop with you during my favorite sale of the year, and I wanted to THANK YOU all ahead of time if you’ve ever shopped this sale with me and used my direct links to purchase items either during this sale, or other items I link through the LIKETOKNOW.IT app. I make a small amount of commission on items I link through this app, so I appreciate your support if you have liked something I have shared and purchased it through a link I’ve shared once or many items previously! THANK YOU SO MUCH! This really is SO fun for me, and I enjoy creating content that covers this sale so much! Can’t wait to preview the sale in just a few weeks!

with love,

from courtney

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