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1 – Amazon Fire Kids Edition Tablet – we are getting this for both of the kids to replace our old little DVD player we have for the car during longer car rides and when I am trying to keep them awake before nap time while we are out running errands! 🙂 SUPER excited to gift this to them. I know C will love this, but we will definitely have to have a chat about how we use it, when we use it, and how we respond when we are done using it if she wants to be able to have some time watching a little show on it from time to time! If we ever travel on an airplane, this will be awesome to have with us too!!

2 – Green Toys Train – Dakota found these and we got him the train and the firetruck by this same brand! We like that they are:

  • Made in the USA
  • 100% Recycled Plastic
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • No BPA, phthalates, PVC, or external coating

3 – Customizable Name Puzzle – Have one for C and want to get one for our Mr. T!! He loves taking apart hers, so I think he will love it!

4 – Strider Bike – We got one for C for her 3rd bday, and she loves hers! It was so fun seeing her get better and better at using it all summer and fall before we had to retire it to the garage for the winter! I am amazed at how well these bikes really have helped her increase her balance. Awesome gift idea for boy or girl!

5 – Kids Modern Table – Well-built! We have this and love it and the kids use it ALL of the time! 

6 – Owlegories Christmas DVD – The Gift and The Star (maybe we’ll gift this to them a little early!) 🙂

7 – Playdoh Set – we have this Frozen one and C loves it! I can’t wait for Tommy to be able to learn how to play with Playdoh and not be worried about him eating it lol! It is a great activity for them to be doing when you need those 10-15 minutes to prep lunch or dinner or in between the next activity! We have a few of

8 – Caterpillar Climb and Crawl  – My in-laws got this for Thomas for his 1st birthday and we moved it inside for the playroom before it got cold out, and the kids LOVE having it up there! A great thing to have for them to get some exercise and get their energy out during those cold winter days you can’t be outside! A lot of you guys asked for the link for this, too!

9 – LEGO table – We have this and LOVE having it for our coffee table in our living room. It hides all the legos, gives them something to do downstairs if I am working out or we are just all hanging out down there, and I also love that it has some storage underneath it too! You’ll want to grab a pack of these boards for inside it (fits 2 boards!) 

10 – Hearth and Hand Dollhouse – This is currently on sale for under $100 right now for Cyber Week Sales! IT is so stinking cute… and it has held up very well for the last few years and we have used it a LOT! The one thing about it is it doesn’t come with dollhouse people, but my MIL gifted this to C a few years ago for Christmas and found these Hape brand dolls that are the perfect size for the dollhouse, and the brand has tons and tons of accessories to also get for your dolls- like this pet set!

s o m e t h i n g  t h e y  n e e d . . .

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1 – Contigo Water Bottles – We have loved using these for C and now T is able to use them, so we are getting this 2-pack for him that are boy colors so we can distinguish them better! There is a 2-pack in the girl colors as well that we have for C!  

2 – Winter Boots – These are our favorite, we needed a bigger size for C that my mom gifted to her! We have the same pair in two other smaller sizes for T ready to go too!

3 – Blow-Up Kids Mattress – This thing is SO nice for traveling! Or even to have for your cabin, hunting farm, etc! My Mom, MIL, and we also have one that we will bring with us for hotels if we need to!

4 – Ten Frame Counters – If you do any “school” work at home, or even as a helpful math manipulative for your little ones to use for counting- THESE are awesome! I had these for my classroom, and we just started using them a little with C for some math work, and they are SO helpful! Gives them a visual and allows them to manipulate adding, subtracting, counting, and so much more! You can even use them to work on pattern work!

5 – Book Shelf – This double-sided book shelf is what we have for our at-home library upstairs and I love it! A great gift idea for them. There are many other styles too, so it you want one that is flush to the wall instead, you have that option in several different styles too! 

6 – Easel/Craft Station – I have been asked so many times about this easel – we love it and use it all the time! I love that it has extra storage and has the craft paper roll on the top for an easy and quick set-up to crafting on it or to tear off and use for other crafts!

s o m e t h i n g  t o  r e a d . . .

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1 – The Storm That Stopped – Tales That Tell The Truth Series books. We have a few of these Tales That Tell The Truth books and have really enjoyed them, so we are getting a few more for both of them to add to the library!

2 – Jesus and the Lions’ Den: A True Story About How Daniel Points Us To Jesus – I am equally excited to be getting this, because we might be studying Daniel for our women’s study next semester after Christmas break! Another “TTTTT” series book!

3 – Goodbye to Goodbyes – Tales That Tell The Truth Series books. Written by Lauren Chandler and Catalina Echeverri, retells the story of Lazarus and helps children understand that Jesus makes all the difference to death! This story will help children see that because Jesus rose from death, he has power over it and all who believe in him will also rise, just as Lazarus did. 

4 – Goodnight Little Blue Truck – T LOVES this book!!! We are getting him two more- this one and the Christmas one! (might have to gift this one early too) 😉

5 – It’s All About Jesus Bible Storybook – This is our favorite bible, we have worn out one completely and had to purchase another! It is a well-loved bible and would make a great gift for them! 

6 – Jesus Storybook Bible – Another well-loved bible we have in our home! We are using it currently as we read about Jesus’s birth and the Nativity! 


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