Happy Friday!

With fall in full swing here in MN right now, I wanted to share about two great neutral pairs of shoes that are perfect for transitioning in to fall from Just Fab!

I just started shopping with Just Fab, and if you’ve never heard of them or Shoe Dazzle, you can sign up to become a VIP member and have the option to shop or skip by the 5th of every month to snag stylish and affordable shoes! A cool thing they do though- if you forget to skip by the 5th of the month, as a VIP member you get charged the flat rate of $39.95, but it goes into your account as a credit to use for shopping later! Of course, you can also cancel at anytime! I love that similar to Grove Collaborative though, you don’t have to buy anything every month in order to keep your membership! Another cool thing is that as a VIP member, you take a short style quiz and it forms a personalized boutique for you based on your style preferences. That’s how I came across these two shoe styles, and they are both comfortable and fit me TTS!

First up are these Varia booties. They are such a great neutral bootie that could be worn in late summer and into the fall season. I love that they have the elastic sides for a little extra comfort and give to them and they literally go with everything! They also come in a pretty grey color as well.

Next up are these blockheel sandals! I am such a neutrals and basics kinda gal, so these were another great neutral heel for any occasion I scooped up, but especially for those fall weddings! We have a wedding next weekend, and I’m excited to wear these! I don’t wear heels a ton, but I love that the blockheel on these make them comfortable, even for someone who rarely wears heels!

You can check out Just Fab for more amazing shoes + apparel for tons of budget-friendly options! They are constantly adding new items on their site and you can almost always be sure they have a deal going on!

Wore this to my early morning workout today and wanted to share this crewneck pullover here again that I’ve been getting asked about! It is on sale right now for $15 and is super soft! It comes in a lot of other colors too, and is fully stocked online right now! It is oversized, so I would get your normal size or size down if you want it more form fitting. I am wearing the xs! I also am adding the link for the BEST bicycle shorts here for those asking. They are worth every penny and are great for errand running, HIIT workouts, biking, running, just about every type of workout!

Happy Friday, friends!

with love,

from courtney

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