MONDAY MAKEOVER: Front Porch Edition!

Good mornin’!

Taking a break from all the NSALE posts lately 😉 to share with you a simple, yet stunning addition to our wrap-around-porch. This porch is a work in progress in how I picture us utilizing aspects of it. We’ve talked about hanging plants, planter boxes for the railings, a swing, and planters to place near the front door and around the porch.

That’s where Woodchips Creations comes in! I connected with Trenton out of Souix Falls, SD a handful of weeks back and was so impressed by the craftsmanship in his cedar planters! After consulting with him about what I had envisioned having for our wrap-around-porch to give it more character, it was an easy decision to work with him! He was very attentive to working with me, even over the phone and captured what I was looking for perfectly!

Had fun rearranging them on the porch with my mom!

Although he isn’t super local to us, he was so easy to work with, and I know a lot of my friends and family from the Twin Cities would absolutely love his work, and shipping is a quick spee-dee delivery away! These beauties arrived in perfect condition, wrapped carefully, and smelled AMAZING when we finally unwrapped them to set them up on the porch. If you’ve never smelt fresh cedar, you are missing out! Between these planters and our garden boxes Dakota and I (mostly Dakota!) have been working on for the garden… it has quickly become one of my favorite scents!

So let’s talk about the details of the boxes themselves…

t h e  d e t a i l s . . .

The planters I chose out of this two (Sturdy Samson + Tapered Tirzah), I was drawn to the more squared, straight-lined look of the Sturdy Samson, so I decided on having Trenton build 6 of those for our home. I knew I wanted two for the front door, one for our backdoor, and potentially 3 others to spread out either for around the porch, in front of the garage, or for our patio.

After chatting with Dakota, we decided to stick with the natural finish on these cedar planters, sticking with the original natural varnish Trenton does. He has lots of different finishes to choose from though, and even sampled some, snapped photos, and sent them to me to help us decide between a black stain and the natural I was waffling between. Another reason I would definitely recommend working with him. He really went above and beyond to work with us, even from a distance!

The bottom of each planter has a carved out hole, allowing for drainage of water, and the inside has a landscape fabric, so it will let excess water out and keep the dirt in… loved that detail he added! You won’t find that at your Menards or other home improvement store in the garden section.

The size of the Sturdy Samson is 19 inches from outside, 16 inches from inside, and they are all 16 inches tall! Trenton can pretty much make anything you’re looking for though, so if that size isn’t what you’re looking for, consulting with him is best to get the customized piece you’re looking for. The Tirzah planter is another great option though if you’re looking for something a little taller!

Turns out ferns are very difficult to find in the middle of July… 🙂 So fake ones will do until it’s time for mums and pretty kale and pumpkins to fill in these beauties!


The pricing on these specific planters (handmade- amazing quality!) is very reasonable at $85! Under $100 for a planter that will last for a very, very long time, worth the up front cost versus paying for cheaper options that will need to be replaced faster IMO! Shipping is dependent on distance from him, so that is the one other thing to keep in mind, but I was very excited that I am able to share such an affordable, handmade piece.

We are in the process of doing our garden too as I mentioned before, and without giving too many details away, we have Trenton making something pretty amazing for one of the walls on our shed I am super excited to show you guys when we do our full garden reveal! See pictures below for a little update!

If you’d love to chat with Trenton and consult with him about something you’re wanting to be made, even if it’s not a planter, he is happy to chat! You can contact him via the number on his website, or send him a DM on his Instagram account. He is eager to work with you and build whatever it is you’re dreaming up!

Happy gardening! I hope this gives you some porch and garden inspiration as you look to the fall and thinking about mums, pretty purple kale, or pumpkins of every kind… and even as you plan and dream up a garden space for next spring!

with love,

from courtney

Quick garden update and preview below!

A fun project Trenton is currently making us will go right here on the wall next to the opening of the shed! CAN’T WAIT to show you guys! it is so cool!

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