Grain Design Sliding Barn Door Reveal!

I have been so excited to share this second Grain Design blog post! This post was in partnership with this awesome brand, but all opinions are my own… just sayin! 🙂

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A few months ago, I shared an exciting home update that we were getting ready to add to the “nook” space in our home, which is basically at the focal point of the main floor when you walk into our home!

And let me just say, now that we have added our sliding barn door to this space, it is by far, the focal point and piece on this main floor! The guys over at Grain Design  absolutely knocked it out of the park. I am amazed at the craftsmanship of the door, how well designed it is, and how seamless our installation process was. The guys were in and out in an about an hour. It doesn’t always go that way for each project, of course, but I was still floored at how quickly and easily they were able to get this (large) door on and ready for use when they stopped by a couple weeks ago!


I can not get over the transformation of this space! The sliding barn door really ties together this whole nook space with the rest of the home now! I am so happy with how it turned out!

This barn door is not like the typical barn doors you see, and I am so excited to share our thoughts behind the design process of this and why we chose to do what we did for this beauty!

I was so impressed with how organized and prepared the guys were when they arrived to install the sliding barn door. As I mentioned before, this took them about an hour total to install! They were efficient, organized, and if they ran into any hiccups while installing the door, I never even noticed, because they were so swift and seamless as they were installing the door. It was just the two of them (Cody + Grant!) that installed our door. I consulted with Grant mostly for this partnership, and met Cody that morning, who works on a lot of their welding/metal fabrication projects! They are a great group of guys at GD and were so easy to work with!

t h e  g l a s s 

So, a huge reason we love this door is for the top part of this piece having glass with the paneling. We saw a very similar door like this designed on a (my fav) Fixer Upper episode over a year ago, and when we happened to find Grain Design’s storefront last summer on one of our date nights before Thomas arrived, we saw they had a door almost identical to the one from the Fixer Upper episode for their office space inside the store/showroom.

Immediately when we saw it, we knew that if we put a door onto the nook to close it off when we wanted to from the main floor, we would want it to be like this door. We love that the glass allowed for the this space to still be visible all the way to the back wall when you first enter the home, making the space look and feel bigger. We also decided that having that glass part on the top was a nice feature if we had the little ones playing in it, they are still visible to us even with the door shut.

We also just loved the look of the glass! We thought that having the paneling tied in nicely with our windows throughout the house, and we have tried to keep the overall feel and “theme” of the home consistent throughout the house- lots of black, white, natural wood and black rod iron elements in the home. Which leads me to…

 t h e  w  o o d  s t a i n

We left the wood stain on the bottom part of the sliding door in its raw coloring to tie in with the home. We didn’t want it to be the exact coloring of the floor, but have it relatively close. I love that they put a bit of a seal to smooth it out on the front side of the door, that way with little fingers touching it, there wouldn’t be any chance for slivers. I didn’t think about that at all, but Grant who consulted with me on this project brought that idea up, and I am so thankful he did, because C LOVES to use this space and is always touching it, opening it, closing it, peaking at us through the windows… like I said, she loves it, and I am sure T will enjoy doing the same things once he’s bigger, too.

t h e  m e t a l 

Along with tying in the wood stain, we love that the black metal paneling, handle, and other accents on this door and the track system was simple and tied in with our stair railings perfectly. We liked the squared-off handle over a more rounded one, because we thought that also tied in nicely with our railings. As far as design goes, I tend to be more drawn to more squared, straight-lined design features and elements, which was another reason why we loved the squared paneling and design look of the handle and overall door. Dakota (and me too on many things!) also likes uniformity and consistency in the overall design of the home, so we love that this door, with all the elements that it has, literally fits like a glove in our home.

t h e  r e v i e w 

Overall, I am beyond amazed at how well this door turned out. The guys at Grain Design are so passionate about their work, and you can definitely tell in the way they consulted with us on this project, frequently checked in to make sure no detail was missed as the design project was happening, and the time they spent making sure this piece for our home was what we had imagined it being, and honestly, it was beyond what I had hoped this door would add to this space! I love this door, even with it being a little “risky” as far as it not being your typical barn door… but it is a risk I am so glad we took that the guys over at GD helped us make possible! I could not recommend these guys enough for your next custom project. They don’t just do sliding doors either- custom signage for your home or business, dining tables, furnishings, fixtures, accessories, or other business-related projects… I mean the list goes on. You can check out their blog or click on any of the seven red category icons at the top of the home page to view previous projects they’ve completed for families and businesses!  If you want to start chatting with any of the guys from GD about a custom project you have been dreaming up, simply click here to fill out this custom order inquiry to begin turning your dream into a reality. Promise you, these guys will help you achieve it! If this door inspires you, you can also hover over any of these images to pin + save them to reference later! 🙂

with love,

from courtney

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