Exciting Home Project To Come, Read to Find Out Just Where!

This post was in partnership with Grain Designs, all opinions are my own!

Good morning!

So, I have been eager to share a very exciting project we are going to be doing next month at our home. Remember about a year ago, I had asked for your thoughts about our “nook” space in our house. We were so undecided about what to do with that area- should we do away with it and just close the wall to make a larger master bedroom walk-in closet, should we split that space in half to have a little bit larger pantry/walk-in closet, or should we keep the wall open and utilize the space as we see fit (playroom area on the main floor for this season of life and transition it into an office/reading nook later down the road).


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Well, you know that we kept the wall open, and decided to even open up that wall opening more during our renovation process! My husband, the very smart man that he is, had our builders make the opening wide enough, so that, in the future if we wanted a door of some sort there, it could happen. Well, I’m super excited to share that in partnership with Grain Designs, we are in the process of getting a sliding barn door installed to make the nook live up to its ordinance in our home, the center and focal point as you enter the front door.

We can’t wait to add something functional but totally meaningful to this space in our home. We are eager to have a way to close the space off if we want to- whether that’s for a quiet place to read/get some work done or keep the babies contained in a place to play while we work at the table/kitchen. I am excited to partner with the guys at Grain Designs for many reasons, but I wanted to share a few of the main reasons with you!

Their storefront now features beautiful furniture from Four Hands Furniture like this stunning modern couch!
  1. Grain Designs is a custom furniture company that specializes in all things wooden dining tables, sliding barn doors, corporate office furniture, custom signage, AND more! Think reclaimed wood + industrial welding + high quality design… aka everything I’m drawn to! 🙂 When you visit their storefront in Fargo, you’ll quickly see as you look around, they can design pretty much anything you’re thinking of. For something like a sliding barn door that really makes a statement and is meant to add character to your home, we wanted to seek out professionals that really know how to make and install sliding barn doors, and they are seriously, professionals! I also really love that they primarily use reclaimed wood to create whatever it is that they’re designing for you, so each piece is built with a story to share. My husband and I have very slowly added decor items to the walls and other places in this home, because we want the things we bring into this space to be functional, but to also have meaning. This was one of the main reasons my husband and I were drawn to GD after visiting their storefront this past summer! We knew right away that they take pride in their work, but want to work with you to create a meaningful piece that you’ll be bringing into your home.

2. Another reason I am excited to partner with GD, is because they made the customizing process SO easy. They are super personable, truly listen to what it is you’re trying to achieve with your project, and come alongside you to make that happen. I set up a meeting with them over the phone initially, then we collaborated in the design process & talked through what it was that we were looking for (that just so happened to be pretty much identical to the door they have in their storefront!) and gave our dimensions for the nook where the door will be going. After that, they gave us a price based on what we wanted the door to look like + install, and now they’re going to be building it out at their shop prior to installing it in mid-March! If you aren’t sure what you are wanting exactly for whatever project you have in mind, they have a ton of ideas that you can easily shop by browsing through each portfolio of work they’ve done previously on their website and Instagram page. Like I said, they can pretty much do anything, so it was really fun to chat with them about the design process and figure out all of the details for the barn door.

3. You don’t have to be local to work with them! Although they are local to the Fargo area, they welcome any partnership and can communicate with you however that might look to make your project come to life– whether that’s over the phone, by email, or video chat. If you are able to meet with them in person, their storefront is also a great way to gather ideas of what your project could become. I love that their storefront is a store/showroom combo. They have all the different options for woodgrain texture and stain color, metal sign examples and font styles, furniture options they’ve made from dining tables to end tables, and a new element they’re adding into their storefront/showroom currently are furniture pieces they’ll be selling out of their store from Four Hands Furniture– a company that believes in high-quality made furniture that bring meaning into a home, just as much as Grain Designs does.


I love that they have so many design options right there in their store for you to look at, feel, and refer to as you brainstorm your project with them!
Showcasing just a few of the different types of tables they can do for you!

This is similar to what our stain will be!

Here are a few more snapshots from their storefront/showroom, and some images of what our sliding barn door will look like for our nook!!! I can’t contain my excitement for this project to get rolling, and I know it will truly be the statement piece on our entire main floor once it gets put in. I will be sharing a few more blog posts to document this process, and I am SUPER excited to take you along with me. I hope that these inspire you to go for those statement pieces to make your home feel like YOUR home, and that you see the value in this particular brand’s work. It is epic work, and I’m honored they were willing to partner with me on this special project. Especially with all the other projects they have going on… including running a STUNNING wedding and events barn not far from the Fargo area… future brides, check this place out, you will LOVE!

Their wedding venue, The Pines, is so stunning! We went to a Christmas Market there this past year and it was such a beautiful place! Totally would’ve considered this place if I was engaged and planning our wedding right now!
This door is seriously stunning! It is everything we were wanting in a door to close off  the nook. I can not wait to see have it installed in our home soon!!!

If you have any projects in mind- from dining tables to a custom-made welded sign… give these guys a shout out or follow along with them on their Instagram to get inspired! Let them know your thoughts on the project you’re trying to accomplish, and they’ll be happy to start brainstorming and designing with you.

Have a wonderful start to your week friends!

with love,

from courtney

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