Hosting Christmas? 5 Ways to Set the Table on a Budget!

Happy Monday! We are just shy of one week until Christmas!

Raise your hand if you’re hosting Christmas this year? (I’m raising my hand!) I am so excited to be hosting Christmas this year twice in our home. My family is heading up to see us this weekend and we’ll be hosting Christmas Day with some family on Dakota’s side of the family, too!

I’ve been having so much fun thinking about what I want to have for some light bites to eat, what I want to have for the Hot Cocoa Bar (so excited for that!), and how to set the table! C has enjoyed helping me set the table, rearrange, and reset it again while we game plan!

I wanted to share 5 simple ways you can set your table this year if you’re hosting that won’t break the bank! With as much spending we typically do around this time of year between gift buying, holiday parties, food prep, simple thank you gifts… and you know how it goes… the last thing you should spend a ton of extra time/money on is for your tablescape. Lets chat about how we can do just that!

k e e p  i t  s i m p l e . . .

Don’t go crazy with your table! You want there to be comfortable space for your guests to actually dine and talk across to one another without having to dodge big/bulky tablescape. Have a few larger items, but don’t clutter the space with other little trinkity things! Less is more! Pick a few new items to add in this year, but don’t buy everything new. One other way I’m keeping it simple is by forming my tablescape to tie in with the rest of the decor in our home. Natural, woodsy elements with classic colors of red, green, and gold. I’ve been drawn to gold more this year than others!

r e u s e  a n d  r e p u r p o s e . . .

It’s okay to reuse and repurpose items in your home you already have to decorate your home + tablescape for Christmas! It’s also okay to reuse table setting items you may have already used for Thanksgiving, especially if they are neutral-colored like gold or silver. Have a friend or family member that had a get together and you admired something they decorated their table with and aren’t hosting? Ask to borrow from them! My MIL gave me a boat load of items she didn’t want anymore that I’ll be using to decorate my table with, including my red chargers you see here!

k e e p  i t  f r e s h . . .

I love the simple + effortlessly intimate and elegance natural elements adds to a tablescape. Don’t go crazy with it, but find simple ways to lay pine across the table, or have a single piece of pine on each table setting… even pinecones or cherries. If you live in the sticks like we do, use the elements around you! Or go find a nearby park (better to ask for forgiveness than permission?) or that local floral shop you love! This would be a great time to support them!

k e e p  i t  r e a s o n a b l e . . .

It’s safe to say that all decor items should wait to be purchased until the day after Christmas (my bday!) at this point. So, instead of buying a brand new set of … fill in the blank, try to find something comparable to what you were after that is inexpensive. Then go buy the nice set of cloth napkins or what have you that you would’ve liked to get for this year. I would’ve loved to get a set of gold silverware, but opted for a nice gold-foil set of plastic silverware that I happened to find at Walmart! I also found a set of green napkins with a gold-foil Christmas tree on them that I opted for instead of buying nice cloth napkins this year. I’ll be on the hunt for both of these after Christmas when they go on sale! One other thing I found that was inexpensive at Walmart were these white + gold-foil stripped dessert cups that I’ll be using for one of our desserts + for the toppings for our hot cocoa bar! Again, something that will make it a little more festive without being over the top and staying within a good budget.

i t ‘ s  t r u e  l e s s  i s  m o r e . . .

The more I have taken away from the table as I’ve played around with combinations for my tablescape, the more I have liked it. Less really is more. Let your greenery, candles (if you’re having them), and table setting be the decor! You don’t need to have an extravagant table. This time of year is meant to be celebrating the good news of Christmas with your loved ones, and not spent on stressing over having the picture-perfect tablescape (or house for that matter!) for hosting. So relax + enjoy as you plan and prepare for your loved ones to enter into your home. A stress-free host is a happy host and a happy host has happy + relaxed guests.

Image taken by @carolinethephotographer
Image taken by @carolinethephotographer

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