Daily Harvest Review!

Happy Monday!!

After a long weekend of travel + eating a little indulgently (not a bad thing!) it feels good to be home and get back into a routine… until you get ready to head out again to the farm for deer camp soon! 🙂 Especially with all the upcoming traveling + EATING that will be happening in the next several weeks over the holidays… I try to keep us on track as much as possible when we are home. One of those ways is by sticking to a healthy + nutrient-dense breakfast in the mornings filled with lots of greens!

One of my favorite, on-the-go, easy to make (and fast!) + get all my nutrients and greens in right away in the morning for myself and Collins is by having a Daily Harvest smoothie! Daily Harvest has been such a timesaver for me in the mornings since having T if I need to make C or myself something! I’ve been ordering these since I was pregnant with T and have gotten asked several questions about DH, so I wanted to share 5 reasons why I love DH and how you can try your first 3 cups for free on me!

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  1. They are SO easy to make. All you have to do is pour the already portioned contents into your blender, add water or almond milk, blend, and enjoy! It really is THAT simple!
  2. You can still play around with them and add things to them, including protein! They do have some “protein” smoothies already, but I love adding my Vital Proteins collagen peptides into my DH smoothies for added benefits of protein + collagen. Collagen is great for your hair, skin, nails, + bone and joints. Search for my Vital Proteins review post for more on that!
  3. They make ordering and delivering a breeze. The one thing about DH, is that you have to be within their delivery zones. To find that out, you will put your zip code in when you’re getting started to make sure they can get to you! Once you enter your email and zip,  you can choose between a couple of options, weekly or monthly delivery. You then decide how many cups you’d like to receive each week if you go that route. From there, you get to build your box! Check out my TASTEMAKER PAGE to see all my favorites under my EDIT!! Just a few include strawberry+peach, mango+greens, banana+greens, and chocolate+hazelnut! They have so many great cups to choose from: smoothies, harvest bowls, lattes, overnight oats… tons of different ways to build your box! You can also choose the best sellers box for your first one if you really aren’t sure what to try out first! Last, you’ll get to your billing and delivery set up to check out, and if you ever don’t want to order that month, you don’t have to! You just have to make any changes before 6pm ET on the Saturday before a box is scheduled to ship! Easy as that!
  4. They are DELICIOUS! I can honestly say, every smoothies/harvest bowl/overnight oats I’ve tried so far (haven’t tried the lattes yet!) have been amazing! I definitely have my go-tos though, and I share those on my Tastemaker page linked above! They are nutrient-dense, made with organic ingredients, and many of the items in the smoothies are items I wouldn’t have thought to add into my smoothies prior to ordering DH, so I have loved learning about different foods, seeds, and spices that blend well together!
  5. It requires minimal time to make them and easy for your little ones to help you make! As I mentioned above, they are insanely easy to whip up. With a newborn + two-year-old… this is essential. Especially when one, or both, or lets be honest, ALL of us are hungry! I can quickly make us both a smoothie, give C hers, take mine, and make a b-line for my nursing pillow to feed T! It’s also the perfect thing to be having if you’re wearing your baby. It is no-mess, making it an easy thing to be having as you’re wearing your baby and trying to run around and get some things done! When we have a little more time to spare before hunger strikes us all in the morning… C will jump right in and help me, and she LOVES it! She basically does everything… it might mean a spill a time or two, but she enjoys being part of every little step! I love that my Vitamix has the safety stir wand so as the mixer is blending she can be using that while the Vitamix is doing its thing! If you’ve been waiting to pull the trigger on a Vitamix blender, here’s your time to do so, it is by far the most durable and long-lasting blender I’ve ever had. I have had mine for years and it still works like a boss and have had zero issues with it. I sort of wish it would break so I could get one of these newer versions! They’re worth every penny! Pouring the contents + my scoops of Vital Proteins gets her so excited to enjoy the smoothie that SHE has made! It is so sweet to see, and I love being in the kitchen with her like that.

Daily Harvest really does make the perfect breakfast or lunch in this stage of life. But, even if you just find your mornings to be busy (I think it’s safe to say that’s most of us!) These are perfect for you, too! Whether you’re juggling little ones at home in the mornings, or trying to get them + yourself out the door… DH can simplify breakfast for you!

Courtney Tracey [10.11.18] 103935

Courtney Tracey [10.11.18] 111631

If you’d like to give Daily Harvest a try, use courtneytracy at checkout for your first cups free!! My code has no expiration date, so no need to worry about ordering within a certain timeframe! I have had a handful of women share that they are going to order around their due date! Amazing idea! I had these as a snack sometimes in those early days where you are just nursing nonstop! …And if you do end up ordering, I would love for you to let me know what you ordered AND how you liked everything once you’ve tried it! Happy box building friends!

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My Sollybaby wrap is THE BEST and linked here!

Have a great start to your week everyone!

with love,

from courtney

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