2nd Trimester Round Up!

Good morning!

We had our 28 week appointment earlier today, and baby boy’s heartbeat was right in the 150’s like usual & measuring right on track! The 28 week appointment is also the lovely glucose test appointment, and the “orange drink” was clear this time around and really didn’t taste bad at all! While I was waiting to get my lab work done, I figured I’d share a little 2nd trimester round up since we are officially into the LAST trimester! Woo hoo (first time mommy’s or gal pals who are not yet moms, you have to chug the drink, then wait an hour before they take your lab work)!


A little more “pregnant” this time around than I had with Collins… maybe because I’ve experienced once already, but I just feel “more”. Ha! That’s the best way I can really describe it. I’m feeling excited and anxious too- to meet him, to move into our home, for C’s 2nd birthday in June… all wonderful things to look forward to this summer.


The buffalo craze has tapered down, although I’ll still lean towards that flavor/spice in general when we’re out to eat. I have been on a PB shake kick for a little while now too, and that craving is holding steady, although I haven’t been craving it every single day for the past week or so! 🙂 Sweets have been a current craving I would say too- ice-cream, sherbert, chocolate chip cookies… I love these things normally, but feel like I want them more as of lately! The PB shakes have helped combat extra sugary intake, but like I said, I love those things, so I will still indulge in moderation!


Exercise has been helpful for me to stay feeling “good” overall. I try to move in some form every day… whether that’s a walk with Scout and Collins around our property, a treadmill workout, modified HIIT workout exercises with body weight and low-weight dumbbells, or even a hill or stair HIIT workout. I have continued to try to mix it up and listen to my body. At times while I’m trying to run on the treadmill I have had almost a cramping sensation, so I’ve definitely had to taper off any long distance running. Now that the weather has gotten so nice, I really like to take the workout outside when I can, so that’s what I’ve been doing as of lately!

I always feel good after I get a little sweat in, and I’ve been using my belly bandit frequently during workouts. I shared about the band earlier this week over on my Instagram, and it has been a game changer. I never did use one at all during my first pregnancy, but I’m so glad I invested in one this time around. I got the Belly Bandit 2-in-1 band, which has given me great lift and support right now during pregnancy as this bump gets bigger, and it also serves as a hip wrap post-pregnancy during recovery. There are a ton of brands out there, but I have been so happy with the product from Belly Bandit, and I’m eager to get a few more items like the Mothertucker postpartum band, leggings, and tank tops for nursing!


Missing a few wardrobe items, but I’ve fully embraced all of the maternity wear and comfortable clothing. I recently got this super cute black dress, and it is non-maternity, but the ruched sides are great for a pregnant belly! Very flattering and modest at the top, which for pregnant mama’s is always good as you are growing in more places than just your tummy ;)! Aside from that, there isn’t too much I’m longing for, just really trying to enjoy and celebrate all that pregnancy is!

Baby Boy:

Baby boy update: He has been active as ever! I feel him rolling and kicking around all the time! That is one of my favorite parts of pregnancy and I will surely miss that feeling. It will be way better when I can see him kick and wiggle right in front of me though :). Like I said, he measured right on track today and has throughout the entire pregnancy (thank you Lord), and really this pregnancy has been similar to C’s- nothing out of the ordinary and growing/moving along as it should! This has been a continual prayer of asking and praising God after each appointment. I am still praying that this little man would be able to enter the world without needing to have a C-section like I did with C, but I’m continuing to trust in God’s perfect plan for this sweet boy. I know that He works all things for our good, so my hope is steadfast in that truth (Romans 8:28).

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