Your Favorite Corner of Our Home (Mine too!) Round Up + Questions Answered

Hey y’all!

I have received a TON of questions regarding our coffee corner. I’m with you all in that it is my favorite spot in our home too… hello, coffee! Along with all the ways it can be switched up and decorated to go along with the seasons. I love how versatile it is. So- here’s a round up of most of the items you can see in this picture and the links to shop them directly! Simply click the link to shop what suits your fancy! Lots of great Christmas ideas too if you’re on the hunt for some fun stocking stuffers or a new coffee machine. I absolutely LOVE my Ninja Coffee bar and how versatile that is too! So much versatility for a little space… exactly what I need to channel as we prepare to renovate and move into our little house on Valley View Farm! 🙂

img Wall basket/shelving unit

img-1.jpeg Ninja Coffee Bar

img-14.jpegWhite Shelving Unit

img-6.jpeg Oven Mits

img-2.jpeg Nesting Houses

img-9.jpeg Scale

img-8.jpegHand Towels

img-10.jpeg Goat Cookie Cutter, img-12.jpeg Car Cookie Cutter, img-11.jpeg Cookie Cutter Houses, img-13.jpeg Gold Bell Cookie Cutters

Other Items from Hearth and Hand I purchased that isn’t pictured here:

img-3.jpegLog Holder

img-5.jpeg Black & White Plaid Pillow

img-4.jpeg Galvanized Floating Shelves

img-7.jpeg Galvanized Place Setting Plates (did not purchase these but love them!)

Happy shopping AND Happy Wednesday, friends!


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