A Mid-week in Waco

In lieu of Silobration week, I thought it fitting to share some of my favorite moments and details when my Mother-In-Law and I took Collins down to Waco Tuesday-Thursday on October 2nd-5th, 2017. I left feeling so inspired and excited to make our new home we’ll be moving in to (all too soon!) our own.

Throughout the whole trip I just kept thinking about (and bringing up to my MIL!) how amazed I was at how two people and a dream, an idea, has completely transformed an entire community: jobs, business, renovation, progression and development, revenue, opportunities, inspiration, pride in a small town… and so much more. I don’t know how much more I could describe the way I felt during our time in Waco/at the Magnolia Silos, besides good. I just felt GOOD there. The Magnolia staff made you feel GOOD, the experience itself was much more than good, but I think there was a huge smile on my face the entire time we visited and explored around the Silos both days. Probably that smile was also due to seeing Collins having so much fun walking around, playing, smiling and waving at everyone, and giggling in her stroller.

I felt like I took a picture of every corner of Magnolia (and I probably did!), because everything was just THAT beautiful. The detail, time spent, and care that the staff and vision team at Magnolia use daily to make the Silos what they are is simply stunning and incredible. I posted on my Instagram my favorite moment during our entire stay, which surprisingly, wasn’t even at the Silos, but on our Waco Tour on our last day there. Head over there to read more about that favorite moment and why it was a top favorite for me. So, here is a little recap in my other favorite moments during our few days in Waco in my favorite form of capturing memories. I hope you enjoy them!

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