Almost Home

The enemy loves to isolate.
The enemy loves to twist God’s words.
The enemy loves to confuse.
The enemy loves to justify sin.
The enemy loves to kill and destroy.
(See Genesis 3 for some first accounts of that).

But for those who are in Christ:

We suffer, but not without hope. We battle temptation and sin, knowing full well that for those who are His are being sanctified until The Day.

The Day when Christ returns- bringing eternal glory to those who are His and eternal judgement on those who have rejected Him.

Sin & Satan will not have the final say. Satan’s time waging war here on earth is limited. Satan himself has to be given permission to tempt and test the saints- See Jesus when he was tempted for 40 days in the wilderness in Luke 4 and the story of Job in Job 1. This was not because God does not love His Son or Job. Or you or me. In allowing Satan to tempt and test, God used both of those instances to shame the devil. To prove that God does, and will always, have the final say.

Evil is limited. Satan has a finite amount of time. Unlike God who is limitless and infinite.

And so, One day, all will be made right. One day, no more sin. One day, no more tears, suffering, death, physical or mental illness. One day, only glory. One day, all things made new. One day, the light of the world who lights up the darkness here and now will be our very light, no need for the sun at all- God’s glory forever our lamp (Rev. 21:23).

Press on, saint. Wage war against your own sin. Do not let it rule over you. And while you do so, remember that evil and the enemy is limited. Encourage and remind one another of the hope you have as an anchor of your soul as long as it’s called today (Hebrews 3:13). And this life, broken and battered by sin that makes us toil, pray in agony as Jesus did on the Mount of Olives… that makes us weary and teary… is just a vapor. Eternity awaits those who share in His suffering and in His resurrection.

So as we suffer and grieve in this life for many reasons, remember that in life and in death, we have an eternal hope in Jesus who will carry us all the way home, to that blessed shore. You and I, we’re almost home. Praise the Lord. 💗

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