Dairy Free + Gluten Free Pumpkin Dip!

Happy Monday!

I made this pumpkin dip over the weekend when we had some family over for dinner and it was pretty tasty!! Would be great to take with you to thanksgiving this year if you’ll be spending it with a small group of family or friends or even just something to make for your own family or friends this fall!

I served it with gluten-free vanilla wafers (we like the kinnikkinnik brand) but graham crackers work too! You can also make this a non-dairy free/gluten free version by subbing the coco whip for regular cool whip.

w h a t y o u n e e d . . .

1 tub SO delicious brand coco whip (it is stored in the freezer, so you’ll want to set it out to thaw a bit so you’re able to mix it when you make the dip).

1//3 can pumpkin purée

1 tsp pumpkin spice + a dash to top the dip when you’re ready to serve. We love Spiceology spices, you can use code COURTNEY10 for 10% off!

w h a t t o d o . . .

In a medium-size bowl, combine coco whip or cool whip, 1/3 can pumpkin purée, and 1 tsp pumpkin spice.

Mix together until you have a smooth consistency, and top with a dash of pumpkin spice.

Store in fridge until you’re ready to serve.

Serve with graham crackers or gluten free cookie options (we like kinnikkinnik brand for their graham crackers and vanilla wafers)!


with love,

from courtney

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