5 Reasons Why We LOVE Our Ring Doorbell! (That are currently on sale!!)

**This post was in partnership with Ring, we received our device from them, but this was an unpaid post, I chose to write this review on my own and, as always, all opinions are my own! :)**

Good morning!

If you’ve followed along with our home renovation project, then you know how much we love our RING home security devices. When we were planning out the electrical parts of the renovating, implementing a home security system was high on our priority list. Especially since it wasn’t something we had at our previous home!

We added the Ring Doorbell Video Pro next to our front door and also added the Ring Floodlight device when our electrician was out working during the renovation, since those are both wired in. If you have an existing doorbell that’s wired in, you should be able to use the Video Doorbell Pro. With any of their devices, you can decide to get notifications for ring alerts (when someone actually rings the doorbell) and/or when the doorbell senses motion. Your phone and watch will get notifications when these activities occur. You can also snooze these alerts if you want.

We recently added to our 2 wired devices and got the Ring Doorbell 2! We installed it ourselves within 10 minutes for our back door! The Ring Doorbell 2 is a battery-powered doorbell. It is great if you don’t have an opportunity to wire it in, and also great if you need a second doorbell for a side or back door, like we are using it for!

We love the feeling of always being home, even when we aren’t. My husband receives notifications on his phone every time there’s motion at one of the videos or when someone rings the doorbell, and now we receive notifications when our battery life is getting low to recharge our Ring Doorbell 2. We reference these ALL the time, and have been super happy with them. Sometimes there’s a little trouble we’ve noticed on the audio receiving end if someone tries to talk to us from our front door device, but aside from that, we’ve had no issues and they were all so easy to install.


This new video doorbell actually came in handy SO much yesterday. Short story: my phone has been going wacko lately, so my husband took it in to get me a new one since I was due for an upgrade anyway, and I couldn’t receive calls or texts on my phone anymore. Very frustrating! I was out on the porch with Scout while he was at Verizon, and all of a sudden he started talking to me, using the live feed option on the camera! It scared me pretty good at first, but with the Ring app he was able to see that I was at the back door from being notified on his phone that there was movement by the door, and was then able to use the live feed option to talk to me and ask me questions about the different phone types and what he and the Verizon store employee were discussing! I wouldn’t have had any other way to communicate with him at that time, if it weren’t for our Ring video doorbell! After that, I was able to ring the doorbell to alert him that I wanted to talk to him while he was at Verizon (when someone rings the doorbell you can customize your settings to alert you for that too along with movement!), and we did that two other times while he was there sorting out my phone issues for me, and I was at home with the kiddos while they were napping. SO neat that this just happened right before I was going to share this post with you all! I learned yesterday that there are even more great reasons to invest a little into these Ring video doorbells for your home!

That leads me to these 5 reasons we love our Ring Doorbell devices! 

  1. Installing the devices is so quick and easy! To install our Ring Doorbell 2, it literally is as easy as downloading the app and letting that walk you through set up. It takes about 2 minutes to do this, then you’re ready to attach the doorbell to the side of your home in whatever way you choose to do that. It comes with all the tools you need for installing the doorbell also!
  2. An affordable YET quality home security option! When Dakota was researching the different options that you could do for something like a doorbell security system, we landed on Ring for many reasons, but also because it was affordable and the video quality was super clear! For the nicest doorbell device they have (the pro that we have at our front door!) it was still only $200.00! You can find them slightly cheaper if they’re used or refurbished, BUT they have an amazing sale happening right now through 9/8, so it’s the prefect time to grab these for even cheaper! You also don’t have to pay for monitoring, like some home security systems require. We love that Ring devices can be monitored anytime we want to monitor them!
  3. Comfort of knowing you’re always home, even when you aren’t. We haven’t run in to too many suspicious activity issues when we haven’t been around (thankfully!), but love that we receive notifications straight to our phone through the app whenever there is motion at any of the cameras or when someone rings the doorbell. There was one time we had a guy come to the home that we weren’t too sure of, but found out after the fact that he was just trying to see if we were selling the boom truck that sits on top of our hill that you can see from the road! Even with that instance, it was still nice to have video of the person, in the event that there was a need for it! Knowing we have this when we travel as a fam, or even when Dakota has to be gone overnight for work occasionally (or hunting now that it’s almost that time of year!) gives us all comfort knowing our home is always being monitored.
  4. User-friendly app. Aside from a super easy installation process, their app that they have is very user-friendly. It is easy to navigate and you can add family members onto your account very easily too. I love that you can turn off your notifications on this if you want to also. I typically don’t keep my notifications turned on for it, but will from time to time when I need to!
  5. The system is extremely customizable. Each door, window, and motion sensor is can be labeled in my app. I can turn off and on certain devices should I not want them to be monitored. I can also check their history. So many different ways to keep track of your home (and kiddos if you have older ones that are allowed to be out of the house and have a curfew!) 😉

Something important to note, if you choose ANY Ring product and it’s wired/plugged in, you will be able to draw a zone that you want the camera to monitor. Both wired and battery/solar devices allow you to control motion sensitivity though. So if you don’t want to get a notification for when a bug flies in front of the monitor, you don’t have to. The app also gives you the option to control distance and zones (left, right, and center). You can also set motion schedules. Maybe you only want notifications during the day or night, so you can set specific times and days that the cameras send you notifications. Another nice customization option for these!

Other products Ring offers that I haven’t personally tried out are listed below.

As you can see, there are a ton of different options to choose from, that aren’t just for home security! Check out their major sale they have going on for Labor Day through 9/8/19 to snag any of these at a great discount!

Hope this helps you in your home security searching and planning!

with love,

from courtney

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