Half Way There To Meeting Baby BOY!!

It’s a boy!! Wow! SO exciting and fun to say that. We found out a couple weeks ago that baby #2 is a boy! Dakota and I found out together in the car (per tradition) and proceeded to tell our close family and friends after that! We honestly weren’t sure if we were going to even be able to find out at our appointment, because little man had his legs crossed just perfectly and was busy playing with the umbilical cord most of the time in his position he was in and the cord was just perfectly covering the area we needed to figure out if baby was a little he or she! The ultrasound tech left two separate times while I was supposed to walk around the room for a bit to see if the baby would move around (aka I was sprinting around the room, doing jump squats, lunges… jumping up and down hahaha…), and finally had to have a second tech come in and within a minute they were able to probe my belly enough to make little man move enough to show himself! 🙂

It’s hard to imagine life with a little boy in it, but we can’t wait and are so thankful to God for this precious gift. We’ve already done some boy clothing shopping, and between my mom, my MIL, and myself… I think Baby Boy is pretty much set for his wardrobe!


Shortly after finding out we were having a boy, my husband made a March Madness like name bracket, and we’ve been narrowing names down since then! I’ve already had my top two names picked out for a little while now though, 🙂 one of which has been on our boy names list since we found out we were pregnant with C before we knew she was a girl!

Overall, I have been feeling really good this pregnancy. I am 21 weeks and 5 days as of today, so it’s crazy to think we are already over halfway there to meeting little man. The bit of exhaustion stopped after week 10, and since then I’ve had no fatigue, and I haven’t had morning sickness at all. I didn’t have it at all with C either, and I consider it a major blessing. I am such a wimp whenever I get sick, so I think God spared me that burden during pregnancy, at least for these first two pregnancies so far! I have started to feel this little guy moving around a lot now, but mostly at night when we’re laying in bed before we go to sleep is when he starts to move and get active the most!

Current cravings:

Anything buffalo has been a common theme throughout this pregnancy so far. Buffalo wings always sound like a good idea whenever we go out to eat and it’s on the menu, OTHERWISE a buffalo grilled chicken wrap has been my other go-to when we have eaten out. Or Chipotle. Always craving and willing to eat at a Chipotle no matter what, haha! So buffalo/spicy foods in general I would say have been the most noticeable craving I’ve had.

Health/Wellness as of late:

I have been trying to stay consistent with my normal eating habits, and thankfully my love for veggies hasn’t been a turn off at all again this second pregnancy, so I am thankful for that also. Water intake for me has been up and down lately which usually isn’t hard for me to do, so that’s a biggy I’m trying to focus on currently. Also moving my body physically (whether that’s a walk/run on the treadmill or a HIIT/cycling class at the gym… trying to stay physically active while respecting my changing body has been my moto again this second time around. I’m at the point now where I can noticeably tell my abdominal muscles are weaker from diastisis recti, so I have been very aware of modifying any sort of suspended planking/bridges during a workout, as well as, modifying all “crunching” ab exercises. I didn’t end up having a very large separation from diastisis recti after having C, so I’m trying to keep it the same, or as close to the same as I can for this second baby, too. Especially if I end up having to have another C-section again, but after chatting with my doctor, my hope is to be able to have a VBAC if possible. Definitely praying about that lately, along with the continual growth and development of baby boy.  I want to be as proactive as I can now, so that later when I’m in the postpartum stage, it will be easier for me to bounce back (hopefully!) however I end up having this little guy.

Currently missing:

I haven’t found myself missing too much during this pregnancy, but the times I have found myself missing something is usually when I’m searching through the closet for what I want to wear or during a workout:

  • high-waisted denim
  • knotted shirts in the front
  • other non-maternity tops that my preggo belly would make look a little silly 🙂
  • certain exercises I normally like to do in a workout

Feeling excited for:

  • Meeting baby boy!!!!
  • Newborn smell and snuggles
  • Seeing D become a daddy to this little guy 🙂
  • Nursing again! …such a commitment, but the best!
  • Baby wearing
  • Moving into our new home!
  • Moving into our new home!
  • Did I mention, moving into our new home?! 😉
  • A fun weekend of fellowship with some ladies from our new church this coming weekend!
  • WARMER SPRING like weather… it has been continuously cold with spouts of snow throughout the whole month of March (and now April!).
  • Figuring out baby boy’s nursery along with redoing C’s big girl room in the new house!
  • C’s 2nd birthday in June that we’ll hopefully all get to celebrate in our home. D and I already came up with the slogan on her bday invite card I think! 🙂
  • Starting a garden at our home.
  • Convincing my husband to get some animals for our place… he was researching BABY DOLL sheep the other day and showed me, and I just about lost it with excitement. It’s still gonna take some convincing, but I’m feeling a little more hopeful now at the possibility!! 🙂

August will be here before we know it, and we will be so ready to meet and celebrate our sweet boy!


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-with love, from courtney

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