Happy New Year (& MLK Jr. Day)!

Happy New Year everyone! New year- new blog name! What do you think? You’ll slowly see some updates and changes to my blog over the next few weeks, and I can’t wait for you to see the finished product! Eek!!

I know we’re 2 full weeks into the new year, so I’m a little late to the party on posting about new year goals. In all honesty, I feel like this new year has not been filled with much excitement yet. No big progress on the house really due to this wonderful northern MN winter weather, and I have still been trying to get into a good routine up here in our temporary home. I’m getting there, but there is still a lot of things to get used to.

I have been spending time thinking about what my main goals for 2018 are. I’m not a huge resolution-er, especially regarding health+fitness, because I believe in long-lasting health choices, instead of quick fixes and fads. Health+fitness is a huge part of my life… something I’m very passionate about, and I am always willing to chat, and share my insights in hopes that it may help others! BUT- one of my biggest goals this year does not fall within this category. In 2018, I want all of my goals to circle back to my main goal, which would be to spend time in God’s word, prayer, just time with Him, every day. So far, I’m off to a good start. I try not to limit myself with this goal, because I think that leaves less room for grace. Grace for the days that my Bible sits unopened. Grace for the days that my prayers are shallow and unthoughtful. But- thanks be to God, He looks past those to-do list items we tend to let these two things fall under, and declares us forgiven in Christ when we don’t give God the love and time that He so rightly deserves.

So- my number one goal this year would be:

 1. To spend intentional time with God each day.

This, of course will look different from day to day. Some days this might look like quiet time reading and praying before everyone in the house is awake (my favorite!). Other days, this might look like reading God’s word in the morning while Collins’ is busy playing around me. On more days than not, I hope this looks like spending time in prayer and God’s word with my husband and our daughter. And some days, this may look like quick, short prayers at mealtime and before bedtime, and listening to worship music. I just want it to be intentional. Time I’ve devoted to God. Time that will be sacred to me with Him, even when it doesn’t look the same every day. This is my number one goal for 2018.

2. Complete our home renovation.

Okay, okay, I know this is kind of a silly goal, because it’s obvious. Right? Tell me this renovation finishing this year is obvious…!? (Sweaty, smiling emoji face) I am eager for this goal to be accomplished. In the big picture, I know this renovation will not take as much time as it feels like it will. BUT- this will be my next goal to achieve this year. And I’m not achieving it without help. And lots of it! Once this weather shapes up and things really get going I will be documenting and blogging about updates at Valley View Farm (a goal for this year in my blogging category!), so that we can look back and see the amazing transformation this little farmhouse made.

3. Read 10 great books.

I read a lot, guys. But, I’m mostly spending the short amount of time I do have to read, reading the bible! That’s not a bad thing- but, I want to expand more this year and read 10 really great books. Most are well-known pieces by some of my favorite Christian authors, but I want to read for enjoyment/leisure also. So, I want to find a few other great novels to read this year. Got any good ones? Throw them my way! I’m all ears.

4. Expand my blogging, while having a service-focus.

This year I want to expand my blogging a little bit. I want to challenge myself and produce a variety of posts, but all of which that still represent me and what I want this blog to be. Mostly, I want to glorify God in and through this space, so my hopes is that my posts would bless someone who happens upon it. Whether it’s a struggle I’m facing that I share and it makes that person feel less alone, or share something that God has been teaching me through His word lately, or even simply a quick and easy recipe or mothering/wifing tip that helps another mama out there. I want this space to be service-focused, while expanding the type of content that I produce!

5. Invest in our community.

Community is huge. Especially as a Christian. I don’t know how people are apart of a church, but don’t get involved in small groups or community groups within their church. In my opinion, being invested in these is a huge part of a Christian’s walk. Community means accountability. And since moving up here, I have not found my place yet. And it doesn’t feel good. I don’t feel good not investing in a small group of other women’s lives, as they’re investing in mine, and as we together are investing in time growing in the Lord. So- another goal for myself is to find a bible study to get involved in at our new church. We’ve (praise God!) found a community group of other church members that live near us, and that alone has given be a sense of comfort. I am such a people-person… so, I need these interactions to fill me up and encourage me in the faith. I pray that if you’re reading this and not involved in any of these things in your church to try to find out what your church has to offer. The Christian life is not easy, and we need support and encouragement and accountability from our fellow brothers and sisters! I hope you’d join me in this goal if you are missing this piece in your life right now, too.

Okay- these are my goals, written out, to look back on and hold me accountable. I hope that reading these met you right where you’re at and sparked a new idea for a goal this year, or simply shows you that people behind the “blog” or “Instagram account” are real people, with real struggles, real goals, and real issues! Have a wonderful week ahead friends, happy Monday and happy MLK Jr. Day to you all!

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