God’s Work In Me Through Pregnancy 

Haven’t posted in a while, but as labor draws near and life is about to get pretty exciting and busy very quickly, I thought I should post my thoughts lately on how I’ve reflected on how God’s been working through me during pregnancy over the past 9 months. I’ve been extra reflective lately, not really sure why, but I would imagine it’s due to the big change that’s about to happen for Dakota and I!

Trying to stay active as this waiting game ensues…After a busy morning, Menards run with the hubby called for a break…in Menards 😂 2 days out from her due date, and we’re hoping she’ll surprise us and come sooner than later but not banking on it! I’ve been thinking more about the “birth plan” and how I hope it looks, but it’s been encouraging to talk with Dakota and friends about staying flexible and open-minded. No matter when or how she arrives in this world, I can have peace knowing that God has our little lady in the palm of His hand and that’s exactly how He planned on her entering this world. What a great reminder Proverbs 16:9 is that no matter how we try to plan every little detail out in our lives, it’s God who establishes those plans. He is in control over what does and doesn’t happen in our lives, but the good news is that I can be satisfied in however it goes, b e c a u s e I have a faithful, loving God that I’ve put my hope and trust in for the rest of my life! Pregnancy has showed me many things, but I think more than anything it’s shown me how great my God is and how much I need Him. God’s shown me the depth of His grace and the humility required to give over our plans, thoughts, and desires to God. I think this will only increase when she finally arrives and Dakota and I enter an entirely new facet of marriage, but how cool is it that God gives us mamas and our husbands 9 whole months of learning and relying on His truth before the real deal begins!

The heart of man plans his way, but the LORD establishes his steps.

-Proverbs 16:9

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